Behaviours of the Political Left

Gramsci's "Quiet Revolution" is roaring


"Woke" ideology is undermining meritocracy, morale, and readiness across the U.S. military Link
Johnson & Johnson exec says children don't need the f*cking COVID vaccine because there are "unknown repercussions down the road" Link
Soldiers with 18 years of service are getting kicked out of the military with no benefits for refusing vax Link
Don't you dare say a negative thing about the LGBQTXYZ crowd of they'll put you in the slammer! Link
The "Spartacus Letter" -- The Elites are Neo-Malthusians and believe that we are overpopulated and that resource depletion will collapse civilization in a matter of a few short decades Link


Top generals told lawmakers under oath today that they advised @POTUS early this year to keep several thousand troops in Afghanistan, directly contradicting Biden's August comments that no one warned him against withdrawal Link
NY Governor Hochul proclaims, "the vaccine comes from God" Link
Pelosi's budget reconciliation bill includes mass amnesty for illegals and abolishes annual green card caps to allow for unlimited future migration Link
Here are a bunch ofl "Fuck Joe Biden" vids posted just this week -- some from Donk strongholds like New York City Link
Secretary of Defense and Joint Chiefs Chairman will be grilled on Capitol Hill about Afghanistan withdrawal Link


Surprise! Another hate hoax Link
If there's some race-hustling to be done, Al Sharpton is your man -- but Texas will have none of it. Link
"White is not a culture" Link
Three women attack a waitress because of racism or something Link
This is pretty evil -- only lefties hate like this Link


Two-thirds of college students believe shouting down campus speakers OK Link
Mom compares unmasked children to deadly biological weapons, loaded firearms, and homicide Link
Be all you can be! Link
Anderson Cooper's mother, 85 year-old Gloria Vanderbilt, wanted to have Cooper's baby Link
This is what passes for instruction in the public schools Link


Man refuses to disarm -- is shot to death on Huntington Beach Link
Live from Chicago Link
Florida lunatic attacks Orlando police officers with a brick while livestreaming on Facebook Link
Someone shot into a pizza restaurant in Portland, killing Jacob Knight-Vasquez & injuring 2 others -- shootings have skyrocketed after city abolished gun violence team, saying it was racist. Link
Six people, including a female, were shot in a Philadelphia drive-by Link


Antifa Benjamin Anthony Varela has been arrested for the shooting of Proud Boy Tusitala "Tiny" Toese Link
There's no knowing how many homes, lives and businesses this leftist destroyed? Link
The New Yorker features a piece from a guy who wants to blow up pipelines to help promote climate change fight, but he doesn't recommend kidnapping Link
Black Lives Matter is threatening an "uprising" against "racist" vaccine mandates Link
Why isn't the media more upset about Antifa's attacks on journalists (and other people)? Link

useful idiots

Gen. Milley will answer reporters' questions, but won't answer senators' questions -- funny how that works! Link
Biden's Afghanistan debacle "was a logistical success but a strategic failure." -- Gen. Milley Vanilley Link
Visibly uncomfortable Gens. Milley and McKenzie refuse to call Joe Biden’s apparent lie about Afghanistan a "false statement" Link
Streaming Live -- Gen. Milley Vanilley's dog and pony show Link
YouTube, fearful of open debate, bans videos claiming fraud in the 2020 presidential election Link

Did Gen. Milley plot against
the Commander-in-Chief?

Yes: 492 ~ No: 128 ~ Unsure: 64

It's easier to fool the masses
than to convince them
they are being fooled
~ Mark Twain

Those who can get you
to believe absurdities
can get you to
commit atrocities
~ Voltaire