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Friday, October 2, 2020

My TV is telling me I need to be outraged

Well, screw them. They want me to be outraged by all the wrong stuff.

I've been watching the highest of high-ranking members of the Obama administration run wild through the government, the law and just plain old playing fair. Right now, right in front of our eyes is a guy running for the office of POTUS who has enriched himself and his family through his offices for years.

I didn't watch the debate. I know where Trump stands. I know where Biden stands and I know where I stand -- and who needs to watch a pissing contest.

But I am curious. What's the story with Hunter Biden and why doesn't anybody seem to care -- especially in Washington and New York.

Hunter Biden

The coke
The women
The no show job
The $2.5 million house
The $150,000 car
Is America a great country
or what?

It could happen to anybody?

Hunter Biden graduated from Yale Law in 1996 and bounced around several law firms, a lobbying firm and a couple of federal government agencies for twenty years, until, at the age of 43, he was commissioned an ensign in the Navy Reserve through the Direct Commission Officer program in 2012. He needed a waiver to join the service due to his age and a second waiver because of a previous drug-related incident. No problem. The veep just assigned a staffer to the task and it was done.

Hunter lasted two years in Navy "public relations" before he was thrown out on February 18, 2014 under an "other than honorable discharge" because he was having a love affair with cocaine. No problem. The veep just assigned a staffer to the task and it was done.

Hunter bounced back immediately and was fortunate to be appointed to the Board of Directors of Burisma Holdings less than 60 days later in April 2014, at an annual salary of $1 million. Could happen to anybody!

And the best part? It was a "no show" job. According to Reuters, Hunter never went to the Ukraine to work. He attended two board meetings a year. These meetings were held at resorts on the French Riviera. This schedule allowed Hunter to indulge in his favorite pastimes -- snorting coke and doin' hookers.

Well, nothing lasts forever. Sometime in April 2019, Hunter left the board of Burisma Holdings when his father announces his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination.

That gravy train lasted five years. Five million $$$$ and Hunter never had to go to the office.

And what's this I hear about Hunter Biden receiving a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the richest woman in Russia and the widow of Yury Luzhkov, the former mayor of Moscow?

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