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The Not Fuckin' Around Coalition

Sunday, October 4, 2020

While the media is worried about white supremacists ...

Hundreds of members of the all-Black "Not Fuckin' Around Coalition" (NFAC) marched through Lafayette, Louisiana, yesterday. The group was protesting threats directed at them by U.S. Rep. Clay Higgins on Facebook by threatening the entire population of Lafayette.

Just imagine the scream from the mainstream media if a white separatist militia marched marched around the city like this? All hell would break loose. The end of America! The end of the world! White supremacists run amok!

The question now becomes, does every group arm up?

Hispanics wear brown outfits. Asians wear saphron outfits. Gay-les-bi wear tie-dyed outfits. Whites don't get to wear outfits. That would be a sign of white superiority and racist. Besides, they're the targets.

One thing that's pretty hard to deny is the the sole purpose of this exercise is to intimidate white people.

And that's racism.

Black Power -- or somethin'

Oops! Shots fired near NFAC march

Yahoo News published an Agency French Press report saying that NFAC marched through Parc San Souci to demand justice for the death of Breonna Taylor in front of Churchill Downs.

The thing is, with these guys, is, they got the scary part down, but every time they have one of their parades they shoot each other. They did it in North Carolina when three NFACers were sent to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and they did it again yesterday.

Police said no one was severely injured but one man was arrested following an accidental shooting in Lafayette on Saturday, before the NFAC march to Parc San Souci. Reminding us, once again, that there's more to know about firearms than how to wave them around and look scary.

Terrance Jones, a 26-year-old Lafayette resident was arrested on allegations of reckless discharge of a firearm at a parade or demonstration and being a felon in possession of a firearm. Which of course poses the question, "how many other NFACers were 'felons in possession of a firfearm' at yesterday's event?"

25% ... 30% ... 40% ... 50%?

Newspaper reports say that when the alleged shots were heard, leaders of the Black militia quickly yelled for members to stay down. I'm guessing there were several NFACers that were looking around to see where the noise was coming from.

Grandmaster Jay -- he's the leader of the NFACers -- was miffed at the whole thing for throwing his shit off, but they finally got everything organized and the NFACers put on their best scary and marched through the park.

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