What's In Portland's Water?

Portland's Antifa mayoral candidate is up by 11

Monday, October 5, 2020

Ted Wheeler has been Antifa's guardian angel

Portland, Oregon's mayor, Ted Wheeler, has been notoriously week on the Antifa crazies that have been tearing up and burning down his city for the past four months uninterrupted, which is kinda crazy because he's also the chief of police.

As chief of police, Wheeler has allowed Antifa and BLM to burn and loot without consequence and as mayor has refused federal assistance to end the burning and looting. Wheeler has even pushed for lighter sentences for rioters.

A recent survey within the 213 blocks that make up the downtown area found there were over 430 businesses still open, some by appointment only or with adjusted hours. 170 businesses were temporarily closed, or only doing online shopping. Over 20 businesses had permanently closed and there were over 80 retail locations that were not occupied.

Insurance and out-of-pocket losses are in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The chaos in Portland is so bad that the Department of Justice recently labeled Portland an "anarchist jurisdiction."

One would think it couldn't get any worse.

Yes! It can.

It could get a whole lot worse

Sarah Iannarone will face off against Wheeler in a runoff election on November 3rd. In a tweet from January of last year Iannarone wrote:

        "To those who say Antifa are violent thugs: I am not a violent thug and I am Antifa. I am Antifa because the Red Hats are coming after brown and black people, after Jews, after queer and trans people, and more. They are coming after our democracy."

Despite her allegiance to the antifascist cause, Iannarone is happy to support fascists of the left-wing variety. Mao Zedong may have been responsible for the deaths of over 40 million, but because he wasn’t on the political right Iannarone is happy to wear clothing bearing his image. Click the pic and check out the Mao skirt.

It's not like she's against ALL fascists, just the fascists that she disagrees with.

Iannarone, 43, has called for a citywide rent freeze, a car-free downtown and she supports organized homeless camps. "Ideally, we'd be deploying them in neighborhoods across the city," she says.

She faced some hard lessons in her 20s. She attended but did not graduate from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, R.I., where she studied baking and pastry arts. There was an arrest for a bad check. Domestic squabbles.

In 1998, she stopped at a Las Vegas chapel to get married to Nick Iannarone. Word of Portland's devotion to public transit lured the couple to Oregon. "I had heard the buses were free," she said. She recovered from illness. Got a liberal arts degree and opened a restaurant. Then she stumbled into the political "funding" racket and the rest is history.

Iannarone's big thing is denouncing violence while supporting Antifa and its use of violence. She's 100% OK with political violence when the cause is just -- which it always is not matter what it is -- as long as its her cause.

And she's veiled. She is not clear about her own goals -- what it is she's trying to accomplish. Iannarone speaks in slogans, metaphors and academic mumbo-jumbo. The only thing she'll say about her politics is that's she's more progressive than Ted Wheeler -- if that's possible?

She says radical action is the way to make real change, but taken to its logical end, the changes that Iannarone, Antifa and BLM represent mean the end of property rights in America.

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