When I was young, communists hid in the shadows. Now, they hold parades. They have made tremendous progress infiltrating American politics, the media and the culture. Communists are even in the Congress of the United States of America (they call themselves "Democratic Socialists"). Commies love to hang the "democratic" word on everything.

But the Left and their mouthpieces in the media still ridicule anybody that says, "hey, there's a commie."

The American Left -- "socialists at their best, hardcore commies at their worst -- has become desperate. Obamagate, the "Wuhan," Lockdowns, Russiagate, and Impeachment have all failed to rid them of Donald Trump. Hence, the rollout of their paramilitary, Antifa -- with the spiffy black outfits and the advanced tactics of the Blac Block -- and their racial agitators and propagandists in the Black Live Matter (BLM) "movement."

The "mostly peaceful protests" provides the Left with an opportunity to train their "useful idiots" in the fundamental tactics and weapons of the domestic terrorist. Call it wargaming for November -- because, if the Democrats cannot steal the election “fairly,” they will attempt to burn this country to the ground.

To start over, to "reimagine America."

Domestic Terror Groups and Their Supporters

Name Type URL
Act Blue Democratic Socialist Link
Antifa Communist Link
By Any Means Necessary Black Marxist Link
Black Bloc Anarchist Link
Black Lives Matter Black Marxist Link
Code Pink: Women for Peace Anti Capitalist Link
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington Soros Link
Democracy Alliance Democratic Socialist Link
Democratic Party Democratic Socialist Link
Mainstream Media Partisan Link
May 19th Communist Organization Communist Link
Media Matters for America Soros Link
Open Society Foundations Soros Link
Refuse Fascism Communist Link
Revolutionary Communist Party Communist Link
Students for a Democratic Society (1959) Anti-War Link
Students For A Democratic Society (2006) Anti-Capitalist Link
The Shadow Party Soros Link
Weather Underground Communist Link
Youth Liberation Front Anarchist Link

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"Newspaper of Record"

"The Byzantine Constitution that [James Madison] helped create serves as the foundation for a system of government that rules over people, rather than an evolving tool for popular self-government. As long as we think of our Constitution as a sacred document, instead of an outdated relic, we'll have to deal with its anti-democratic consequences."

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