"Antifa" Ted Wheeler

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who oddly is also the Police Commissioner, presides over a city that has become a watchword over the years for left-wing thuggery unchecked by municipal authorities. Wheeler has refused to let local police uphold the law in his city, allowing regular crime and violent riots to escalate this summer. He joined other Democratic mayors who sent a letter to President Donald Trump asking him to remove federal law enforcement who were interfering in the rioting, looting and burning of their cities.

Antifa and BLM rioters, arrested for violent assaults, arson and blinding federal and state law enforcement officers with powerful lasers, are released free of bail. The district attorney will not prosecute the several hundred Antifa and BLM terrorists who have been arrested, citing the "the outrage and frustration over a history of racial injustice," the bogus rationale for the summer of sustained, violent protests.

It'd be one thing if municipal authorities in Portland could legitimately claim that they have things under control. They don't. The mobs have been clashing with the local cops for months. This long-standing riot is a stark commentary on the misgovernance of Mayor Wheeler, who's better at insulting federal law enforcement than doing his job.

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Ted Wheeler's Associations

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Antifa Facilitator Link

Ted Wheeler's Actions

Reported Headline URL
2020-10-05 Portland Mayor pushes lighter sentences for rioters with baffling move Link
2020-09-18 Wheeler orders Portland Police Bureau to no longer use CS gas for crowd control. Link
2020-08-12 The Portland Police Association has told Mayor Ted Wheeler, "Portland is lost." Link

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