The American Left

Few even recognize the enemy any more, or even that the enemy is here, right in among us, stealing our children, tricking our minds and diligently working for our cultural destruction. So, who is this enemy? It is the Cultural Marxist and many of America's young have become mere tools in the Cultural Marxist's arsenal, to use in the destruction of culture and morality as preparation for eventual Revolution, and for the most part they don't even know it.

Cultural Marxism is the radical political philosophy that is transforming America. The pricipal tool used to leverage this philosophy is Political Correctness. The incubator of this philosophy was the Communist think tank, the Frankfurt School.

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The Organizations

Unless you just returned from the moon, you know Antifa and Black Lives Matter, but do you know By Any Means Necessary; the Revolutionary Communist Party and the ANSWER Coalition? These hard-core Marxist organizations and many more are committed to ending America.

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The People

Do you recognize these names: Mark Bray; Jose "Chepe" Martin; Lilith Sinclair; Patrisse Cullors; Opal Tometi; Charles Wade; Yvette Felarca; Andy Zee? You should. These are some of the leaders of the Marxist insurrection that is tearing up America coast-to-coast.

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