Black Bloc

Black Bloc is less an organization than a tactic employed by Antifa and to a lesser degree by BLM. Clad in black helmets, black ski masks, and black garments to conceal their faces and whatever distinctive clothing they may be wearing underneath their dark coverings, Black Bloc radicals make their presence felt by participating in all manner of left-wing actions against free-market capitalism and Western culture. They generally are far outnumbered by fellow protesters who, while likeminded, are more traditionally attired. Because the Black Blockers hide their identities, they often engage in criminal behavior -- most notably property destruction and attacks on people -- with impunity. In instances where they are pursued by police -- whom they contemptuously regard as nothing more than "guard dogs for the rich" -- fleeing Black Bloc protesters typically shed their dark coverings and blend quietly into the surrounding crowd.

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Black Bloc

Is Used By Purpose URL
Antifa Fighters Link
Black Lives Matter Bodyguards Link

Black Bloc Actions

Reported Headline URL
2020-09-05 Black Bloc terrorists carry "Death to America" and "Free All Prisoners" banners Link
2020-06-08 BLM and Black Bloc vicously beat white man unconscious Link

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Seattle Blac Block

Gangs of Antifa Black Bloc march around Seattle breaking property with impunity while chanting Black Lives Matter's hateful rhetoric.

These are Democrat-sponsored terrorists and the Democratic Party uses these terrorists to get what they couldn't get through the legislative process. None of this would be possible if it were not for the enablers of the Democratic Party. How long do you this this crap would last in Dallas or Huston?

There should be no "bystanders." When you see this you need to pick a side -- American or Communist? -- then act accordingly. This is your neighborhood, not the government's and definitely not these anarcho-communists.

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