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The Youth Liberation Front (YLF) has more than 36,000 followers on Twitter and describe themselves as predominantly made up of teenagers. The YLF, which openly cheers violence and explicitly rejects peaceful protesting, is accused of organizing anti-police rallies in Portland that have often turned violent causing the police to declare riots on multiple nights.

The group describes itself on Twitter as a "decentralized network of autonomous youth collectives dedicated to direct action towards total liberation." The radical group’s goals extend far beyond changing policies and even beyond abolishing the police, as noted in a July 8 tweet: "we don’t want to be led, and we don’t want to lead, we just want to destroy the United States of America." Last October, the posted a Tweet saying, "abolish the United States of America." They're alsocalling for an end to militarized police, to taxing the wealthy, to increased funding for a reformed school system.

Whether or not the YLF has set membership remains unclear. It has regularly published responses to police and officials on Twitter, as well as operating as an organizing platform telling people where and when to meet. The tactic provides anonymity and a platform to publicize actions organized by individuals or smaller groups.

There are various groups under the YLF banner across the United States, and the broader organizing structure is similar to that of Antifa, meaning there is no national leadership, but rather a loose-knit fabric of autonomous, horizontal collectives organizing under a similar ideological banner in support of shared goals.

As near as I can make out, the YLF is a bunch of rowdy kids that are playing a game they do not understand. It's not to say they aren't dangerous. Their ignorance of the game they are playing and their youth make them unpredictable -- and that makes them dangerous. When these kids are finally confronted, there are going to be a lot of devastated parents saying, "I didn't know."

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Antifa Ally Link

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2020-08-14 Radical Portland YLF encourages violence and explicitly rejects peaceful protesting Link

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