The Democratic Party

The Democratic Party wants death and destruction. They want the death of the American economy and the destruction of the American way of life. They don't even try to hide it any more. They want more globalization and more economic devastation. They want socialism -- by any means necessary.

The leaders of the Democratic Party have now coupled these goals with Cultural Marxism and the anarchy of Antifa and Black Lives Matter to terrorize American cities. To intimidate Americans into accepting theier vision of socialism and the "Green New Deal." Just listen to what they say.

The cities the rioters and looters are destroying are run -- top to bottom -- by leftist Democrats. At least half the country is run by Democrats that won't come down on Antifa because they agree with them. They don’t necessarily want all the looting and destruction (insofar as it is inconvenient to their power), but they agree that the anger justifies all the violence and you certainly can't lock somebody up for it, not when it involves a leftist motive.

And if you think these terrorists are going to just go away when Trump is reelected, you're living in a fantasy land.

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Democratic Party Members

Name Relationship URL
Joe Biden Presidential Candidate Link
Ted Wheeler Mayor of Portland, Oregon and a big supporter of Antifa riots Link

Democrats Hate America

Reported Headline URL
2020-10-11 Congressional candidate/Antifa terrorist destroys Roosevelt & Lincoln statues Link
2020-10-06 Minneapolis plan to defund the police collapses Link
2020-10-03 Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy is a dick Link
2020-09-30 Portland Mayor pushes lighter sentences for rioters with baffling move Link
2020-09-29 Obama was told that Russia knew of Hillary Clinton's scheme to "cook up a scandal" Link
2020-09-27 Democratic congresswoman operating voter fraud scheme (video) Link
2020-09-27 Trump warns America: "Democrats have gone beyond socialism to communism." Link
2020-09-23 Department of Justice names three Democratic cities, New York, Portland and Seattle, as "anarchist" jurisdictions Link
2020-09-22 Seattle City Council votes to defund the police -- up to 100 officers to be cut Link
2020-09-22 Seattle hires a convicted pimp to be its "Street Czar" to act as its urban liaison Link
2020-09-22 Baltimore Democrats pass bill to rename Columbus monument to "Police Violence Victims' Monument Link
2020-09-22 Shady stuff by Democrat's clearing house, ActBlue, suggests China is funding the Biden Campaign Link
2020-09-21 Why do Democrats run cover for Antifa? Link
2020-09-21 Minneapolis PD tells business owners they're on their own, reinforcements aren’t on the way Link
2020-09-21 Why do Democrats run cover for Antifa? Link
2020-09-20 This is the scene outside Sen. McConnell’s house after RBG death Link
2020-09-18 Crime spike causes Democratic Minneapolis City Council begs for cops after defunding cops Link
2020-09-16 Democrats are laying the groundwork for revolution right in front of our eyes Link
2020-09-14 The modern Democrats have become pro-criminal and anti-police Link
2020-09-06 The Aussies understand Democrats better than a lot of Americans Link
2020-09-05 Oregon Gov. Kate Brown refuses to explain why she refuses to condemn Antifa Link
2020-08-29 Antifa website redirects to the Biden campaign donation page Link
2020-08-26 Wisconsin Democrats refuse federal support to help quell riots Link
2020-08-19 "We are Democrats" Link
2020-08-16 Meet John Thompson, a Black Lives Matter communist Democrat from Hugo, Minnesota Link
2020-08-15 Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), calls for unrest in the streets Link

Ain't Your Grampa's Party

Crossfire Hurricane

The Plot To Destroy A President

Joe Biden's Biderisms

Racism, lies, dementia and gibberish

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No Hope Democrats

Just burn it all down

Pure Bullshit

There's no hiding this stink

Michelle's Threat

How do you interpret this statement,
made at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, as anything but a threat against America and Americans if they don't vote for creepy old Joe Biden.

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