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Dozens of news outlets published content that either justified or explained away rioting and looting in the initial weeks of unrest following the police custody death of George Floyd in late May.

President Donald Trump has condemned the rioting throughour the summe and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden finally condemned the rioting and looting on Tuesday. Spetember 1st. Major news outlets such as CNN and MSNBC have downplayed the rioting that has gripped Democratic cities in the months following Floyd’s death, in one instance describing a scene as "mostly peaceful" as burning buildings raged in the background.

As the violence broke out in American cities in late May and June, dozens of news outlets provided a platform for commentators, professors and activists who not only acknowledged that rioting and looting were taking place, but sought to either justify the violence as a valid protesting technique or as a form of righteous rebellion against an unjust system.

At the link below, are 31 articles, opinion pieces, interviews and news segments published in the media in the first three weeks following Floyd's death that pushed narratives that either justified or explained away the rioting and looting as it started to break out in American cities.

A common narrative pushed in the Democratic media as violence broke out across the United States was that rioting is a quintessentially American activity with a storied history of bringing about positive change.

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Mainstream Media Biased Reporting

Reported Headline URL
2020-10-03 Ben Shapiro says media's shift from Russia narrative to racism narrative was "absolutely planned" Link
2020-10-01 Associated Press directs writers to refer to all riots as "protests" to avoid stigmatizing the cause Link
2020-09-29 Local press runs interference on voter fraud in Minnesota Link
2020-09-26 CNN host Don Lemon threatens, "we're going to have to blow up the entire system" Link
2020-09-22 Media reaches a fever pitch in its quest to malign, discredit and defeat Donald Trump Link
2020-09-22 Media reaches a fever pitch in its quest to malign, discredit and defeat Donald Trump Link
2020-09-16 CBS used photos from "Latinos for Trump" in Phoenx and tagged it as a Biden event Link
2020-09-15 Video of Biden fondling young girls removed by Twitter as "child sexual exploitation" Link

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