Revolutionary Communist Party (REVCOM)

Identifying its ideology as "Marxism-Maoism-Leninism," the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) claims that the United States is "a country founded on genocide and slavery." America's "capitalist-imperialis[t]" rulers, says RCP, are motivated by an "endless quest … for private profit" and have used "monstrous methods of warfare" to "plunder and slaughter" peoples around the world, thereby causing "more untold misery" than any other nation in human history. RCP considers capitalism the root cause of the world's most destructive social ills, such as the "savage oppression" of nonwhite peoples; discrimination against "millions of undocumented immigrants" who are routinely "scapegoated and demonized"; and "the brutal oppression of women."

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REVCOM's Members

Name Role URL
Robert "Bob" Avakian Chairman Link
Sunsara Taylor Member Link

REVCOM's Allies

Name Relationship URL
Black Lives Matter Both Marxist organizations Link
Refuse Fascism Ally -- same people Link

REVCOM's Actions

Reported Headline URL
2020-08-10 Minneapolis police tell residents to obey REVCOM criminals and "be prepared" to be robbed Link

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