Robert "Bob" Avakian

In the 1960s Robert Avakian attended UC Berkeley, where he was deeply influenced by the radical, countercultural politics of the time. He became an activist in the Free Speech Movement, a supporter of the Black Panther Party, and a spokesman for the California-based Peace and Freedom Party, a socialist entity. Avakian also joined the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), which eventually spawned the revolutionary group Weatherman.

In the 1970s Avakian went on to become a prominent figure in the Revolutionary Youth Movement II, a Marxist-Leninist faction of SDS. Over time, this faction splintered into still smaller units, of which one of the most influential was the Revolutionary Union (RU) that arose in the San Francisco Bay Area under the leadership of Avakian, Jane Franklin, and H. Bruce Franklin. In 1975, RU became officially known as the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP). Avakian was instrumental in the formation of this Maoist organization, along with Carl Dix and C. Clark Kissinger.

From his earliest days as a radical, Avakian advocated a revolutionary struggle to replace the capitalist economic system with a socialist alternative. "[N]o basic change for the better can come about until this system is overthrown,” he once stated.

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2020-08-30 "Let’s get down to basics. We need a revolution. Anything else, in the final analysis, is bullshit" Link
2020-08-03 Revolutionary Communist Party USA "chairman" endorses Biden Link

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Commie Endorses Biden

“To be clear," he added, "this means not a 'protest vote' for some candidate who has no chance of winning, but actually voting for the Democratic Party candidate, Biden, in order to effectively vote against Trump.”

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