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Update: March 7
Congress approves $25 billion for bars and restaurants

Update: February 26
Massachusetts COVID reopening
State to move to Step 2 of Phase 3 on Monday, March 1
Phase 4 to begin on Monday, March 22
Details . . .

It appears that restaurants -- and by extension bars that serve food -- will have no percent capacity limit, provided there is still six-feet of social distancing, a maximum of six people per table and 90-minute dining limits. They will also be permitted to host musical performances again.

The changes will apply to all cities and towns.

End update

The hospitality industry has taken a serious hit due to the pandemic. Many bars, restaurants and clubs have closed forever and many others are "temporarily closed" or "closed for the winter."

So, before you head out on a cold winter's night, please check the establishment's status on their website or make a phone call from the links on its Boston's Bars page.

If you learn of a bar, restaurant or club that has closed, reopened or changed hours, please send us the details. It will help others.

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Updated Guidance