America's termites

attacking America, promoting racism and poisoning our children

Are the WOKE scientists at Harvard's Department of Human Evolutionary Biology programming straight, white males out of the human race? Link
Director of the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force at Hahvahd objects to colleague insisting there are two sexes Link
"Chardonnay Antifa" conspire to get a gym teacher who opposes Critical Race Theory fired through disruption of school activities Link
9-Year-old confronts school board over BLM posters in school Link
Why is the U. S. Postal System spying on Americans by monitoring their social media? Link
Members of Congress are blocked from seeing the conditions of Jan 6 political prisoners Link
You knew this was coming -- Illinois school superintendent distributes yellow ID badges to show vaccination status Link
Critical Race Theory advocates want to establish and permanently fund the Department of Anti-racism (DOA) comprised of formally trained experts on racism Link
The "Critical Race Theory is rarely taught outside of law school" lie -- California's Ethnic Studies Curriculum, adopted in March, is a nearly 900-page CRT teaching guide for K-12 educators Link
There is no good reason you should have to be a citizen to vote, argues The New York Times Link
Communist China, home of the Wuhan, accuses the U.S. of poisoning the world by letting Americans travel Link
Obama's fundamental transformation of the USA isn't enough for him -- now he's gonna fuck up Africa Link
Commies will do what commies do! Link
Tell me again how leftists are champions of free speech Link
Lifelong commie is upset that Cubans reject her message of "love and friendship" Link
Would you give your consent for your children to submit to this? Link
Who does it better, AOC or Hitler? Link
Illinois teacher fired for post critical of BLM says "everyone is scared" of the free speech implications Link
Business owner cited for flying the American flag in front of his store Link
"Educators" WILL teach Critical Race and Critical Gender Theory whether parents like it or not Link
Socialism is when the state steals money from the productive and gives it to the non-productive Link
Look at what "educators" are doing to your sons! Link
If you don't think these people are commies, this should straighten you out Link
PLEASE WATCH! -- Critical Theory, the 10-minute master's program Link
If Critical Theory is what its creator says it is, why would the Democrats teach it to children? Link
The Left is going to jam Critical Race Theory idown America's throat whether the People want it or not Link
"Educators" are intent upon teaching Critical Race Theory whether the People want it or not Link
Everybody in the education business denies teaching Critical Race Theory in K-12, but they're lying! Link
The face of The New York Times' 1619 Project says Cuba's socialism is a model for other countries, but she won't live there Link
Whistleblower David Johnson exposes Hasbro Toys for pushing Critical Race Theory through toys Link
You can never be WOKE enough! Link
The Progs have been awfully quiet about the goings-on in Cuba Link
City of Anaheim cancels private event at a private venue because the city has "a duty to call out speech that does not reflect our city and its values" Link
How comfortable are you with the Biden White House influencing the decisions of the social media giants? Link
Who decides what "misinformation" is? Link
Why Team Biden and the social media giants colluding to censor the free flow of information is really, really dangerous. Link
America's 4th- and 8-graders can't read or do math -- so let's teach them to hate each other -- that'll fix it Link
Elementary school principals are publishing arguments in favor of teaching Critical Race Theory -- yert they say they have no plan to install CRT in K-12 Link
You can put all the bows and perfumes in the world on it and this still is GOVERNMENT CENSORSHIP! Link
Facebook's socialist hired-gun earnestly describes how censorship must be balanced Link
They are absolutely lying when they say there is no Critical Race Theory in K-12 Link
If Critical Race Theory activists could defend the "goodness" of CRT, they wouldn't have to lie and deceive Link
Herr Fauci says 3-year-olds should be forced to wear masks Link
FBI posts link for information about how you can spot suspicious behavior in family members and peers and report them to the FBI Link
Penn State Professor selects an "average white student" to teach he has an inherent benefit over a black student because he is white Link
In every progressives chest beats the heart of a tyrant Link
"This is not normal" -- the Left wants to make the normal, abnormal and the abnormal, normal Link
Leftists tear down statue of native-American traitor, Sacagawea, and her handlers Lewis and Clark Link
Former chief of the DOJ's criminal fraud section and member of Mueller's headhunters confirms longstanding practice of NSA eavesdropping on Americans Link
PBS "expert" confirms that Critical Race Theory is an attack on America's constitutional system Link
I'm from the government and I'm here to see you get the shot or report you if you don't Link
Everything on Albuquerque Public Schools reading list is about race, queerness, or derived from Howard Zinn Link
At least 25 public school districts in 12 states are now teaching "whiteness" is the devil, luring children with the promise of "stolen land [and] stolen riches" Link
AFT president says fuck you, America, we're teaching Critical Race Theory whether you like it or not Link
Who ordered the National Security Agency to spy on Tucker Carlson? Link
Criticism of CRT is a conspiracy! It's white people! It's Q-Anon! It's "white nationalism!" -- and why is Microsoft and NBC underwritingr this propaganda? Link
The head of the AFT lies about her agenda and the critics of Crital Race Theory Link
The Sick Fuck Choir sings, "We'll Convert The Children" Link
This is how you do it -- expose the lies that are the foundation of leftist ideology Link
Marxist tools Link
About 30% of college students are buying this crap -- what happens when it's 50%, 66%, or more? Link
The idea is to make the normal, abnormal and the abnormal, normal (see the sidebar comment) Link
The reds at The Nation magazine say, national security "assumes that the lives of white Americans are more valuable than those of others" Link
NEA plans to conduct "opposition research" on critics of their Marxist Critical Race Theory Link
After 30 Years of service, Gen, Milley has destroyed himself with his endorsement of Critical Race Theory Link
School expels students because their moms launched campaign against Critical Race Theory Link
Critical Race Theory is having a hard time surviving its first encounters with the public. Link
The NEA just adopted a motion to promote Critical Race Theory indoctrination in all 50 states and 14,000 local school districts while they deny CRT is being taught Link
Black national anthem will be sung during the Fourth of July celebration to promote Juneteenth Link
This video demonstrates how successful university Marxists have been in corrupting America's youth Link
Be very, very careful what you post on Herr Zuckerberg's website Link
Loudoun County (VA) school district paid more than $34,000 for 55 hours of critical race theory coaching, contrasting "White Individualism" with "Color Group Collectivism." Link
So, you don't think they're messing with the military, huh? Link
Leftists, by their very nature, are law-breakers -- that's the point! Link
If you don't believe something very bad is going on inside our military, watch this Link
From a kindergarten newsletter, "no longer can we be a society of color blindness" ... "where people claim to see all humans the same way" Link
This crap is straight out of old Joe Stalin's Soviet Russia Link
Anti-American, historical revisionist granted tenure at UNC Link
Lawsuit filed against school district that had children participate in "privilege walks" based on skin color Link
When the LGBTQXYZ crowd invades the hard sciences it is way past time to be concerned Link
Biden’s race training for federal workers is designed to humiliate whites Link
The NY Times' absurd black Marxist rewrite of America's history claims the American Revolution was to perpetuate slavery -- and it's in 4,000 schools Link
They're even using sex to sell Socialism Link
Whoever is running the country has set out to destroy the American military Link
Ahhh! Progress! Link
Pinks penalize Budweiser by banning products at LGBTQXYZ shrine during "gay pride" weekend Link
City College of San Francisco professor is a big fan of old Joe Stalin and is a CRT booster Link
Dedicated subversives are in your kids' classrooms Link
Hollywood reimagines classic TV sitcoms like "The Brady Bunch" with drag queen leads Link
Gender tyranny begets more "unintended consequences" Link
This gets right to the heart of it Link
Cultural Marxism is a poisonous attack on people's minds and it is being promoted by some of America's oldest institutions Link
Fairfax (VA) library invited preschoolers, babies and toddlers to attend the "Drag Queen Story Hour" to celebrate "Pride Month" Link
The anti-white, racist indoctrination of America's children is endorsed by the Commander in Chief and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Link
If this Marxist-Racist stuff isn't eliminated from ther schools, the battle is over Link
Critical Race Theory will poison the well for generations to come Link
Critical Race Theory advocates deny indoctrinating school kids -- they're lying their asses off! Link
Board of Education shuts down parents' questions about and criticisms of teaching CRT in their schools Link
Portland police have been ordered to end traffic stops for " low-level" violations amid rapid surge in violence Link
Critical Race Theory is being promoted at the highest levels of the United States military Link

It's easier to fool the masses
than to convince them
they are being fooled
~ Mark Twain

Those who can get you
to believe absurdities
can get you to
commit atrocities
~ Voltaire