These aren't your daddy's Democrats

70 declared socialists sit in the United States House of Representatives . . .

Business is business -- even leftists understand that -- back to the politics of COVID tomorrow Link
We have really stepped into the Twilight Zone now! Link
The only immigrants the Democrats want in the U. S. are future Democrats, not anti-communists Link
Kamala is never going to live this down Link
Joe Biden had something on his chin, a staffer wrote him a note to tell him and he... ate the stuff from his chin Link
The most devastating video on the Internet -- watch it! Link
"Drop and Roll" -- how The 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump Link
A quick and dirty guide to regime propaganda Link
The mega thread of Democrat violence sanctioned by Nancy Pelosi Link
The Jan 6 riots were a national embarrassment, but the theater Pelosi has presented since is a global, historical, unadulterated farce Link
COVID Truth Bomb -- Shaun Frederickson kicks ass at San Diego Supervisor meeting Link
This is the same day Team Biden commanded vaccinated people to wear masks Link
National Police Association slams Pelosi's Jan 6 "Dog and Pony Show" -- calls for investigation of Floyd riots that resulted in 1,000 times more damage and cost Link
Billions of synapses in this guy's brain are fried Link
Team Biden ordered federal immigration judges to stop using the terms "alien" and "illegal alien" to describe illegal aliens living in the U. S. Link
Team Biden has no idea what to do about COVID, so masks are back for everyone -- vaccinated or not Link
File under "Graft is Good" -- Biden received $900,000 for three years between VP and POTUS from UPenn as an "honorary professor" and taught no classes Link
Democrat donor and Adam Schiff's BFF, Ed Buck, was convicted in meth overdose deaths of two gay black men at his West Hollywood apartment Link
Larry Johnson comments on the schizophrenic Biden administration Link
Illegal alien family tells police officer they’d been apprehended by the Border Patrol and released because they were sick with COVID-19 Link
Again! Chicago mayor will only speak to black reporters -- throws shade at "white guys" Link
Karma's a bitch! Life in the plantation catches up with Barbara Boxer in Oakland Link
The Intel Community has a classified report detailing Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell’s intimate relationship with Chinese spy and honeypot Fang Fang Link
Hunter Biden's art dealer said he wanted to be the "lead guy in China" Link
Schumer's scandalous attack on Trump exposes the evil in his own soul Link
Nancy Pelosi is on her last legs (interesting) Link
The same people keeping Americans jailed with no bond just freed five Communist Chinese military spies Link
Joe Biggs' letter from jail Link
Something is gone very wrong in the world; I think we are in for about 3-5 year period of turmoil Link
One more reason for the Newsom recall Link
Biden spending over $2 billion to stop border wall construction amid migrant crisis Link
Joe Biden personally unmasked General Flynn and now someone? in Team Biden unmasked Tucker Carlson. Link
Watch Biden boldly lie about the Democrats desire to defund the police Link
The NSA collects it all -- they only read/listen to messages when they're after someone -- somebody's after Tucker Link
The whole world sees that Biden is unfit -- recounting rambling. disconnected and disjointed memories -- that's dementia! Link
Mothers have been mothers since the dawn of humankind -- until Team Biden Link
American Gulag Link
Why would House Democrats block a bill that would declassify information on the origins of COVID-19? Link
Biden is completely honest about his desire to ban guns -- all guns Link
Florida gubernatorial candidatejust wants everybody to know that there is no longer a "free and independent press" -- they're with us! Link
Team Biden declares war on conservative media Link
D. C. Mayor's racist, maternalistic and totalitarian tweet is something to behold Link
One day Biden speaks clearly, the next he can't talk at all -- are they drugging him? Link
Kerry the Commie never met an American enemy he didn't fall head-over-heels in love with. RED China is no exception. Link
The Black Autonomy Act would create autonomous black areas within D.C. with their government Link
Team Biden has no idea what to do about the Wuhan as the vaccinated, the masked and some survivors are infected Link
The latest Trump-delusion demonstrates how unbalanced these people really are Link
If Biden is pulling out of Afghanistan, why is he bombing Somalia -- does Hunter have a deal there? Link
Joe Biden used private email to send State Department information to his crackhead, globe-trotting son Hunter during the Obama reign Link
"For how long has the administration been spying?" Link
Fuhrer Fauci fails to afix his fuckin' facemask perfectly! Link
Team Biden has begun conducting an "official" truth operation and woe be unto you false truthers! Link
Everything that is wrong with government can be seen in this video Link
Now, the party is bringing in new Democratic Party voters by the truckload. Link
Biden won't sanction China because of his son Hunter’s investment firm $1 billion investment deal with the Bank of China Link
Joe Biden is proving to be spectacularly awful at his job Link
One reason huge numbers of Americans don't trust Team Biden, and its health experts when making decisions about their health? Link
Making lists and checking them twice Link
Rep. Cori Bush agitates for defunding the cops while spending taxpayer money on private security Link
Why the Democrats dropped "class" from their "race, class and gender" mantra Link
Don't you wonder who is really running things? It certainly isn't Joe Biden. Link
Federal prosecutors kept the investigation into Hunter Biden a secret during the 2020 presidential election Link
You can't say that! Can he say that? Link
It's not the gangbangers' fault -- inner-city violence is caused by white supremacist ideology, racism, and police Link
A pipe bomb plantedat RNC headquarters on Jan. 6 prompted the evacuation of the Capitol, not an insurrection Link
Massive election fraud discovered in Maricopa County Link
Biden's call for the U. N. to investigate racism and white supremacy in the U. S. is beyond the pale Link
California doesn't need any more problems, so it just approved the nation's first state-funded guaranteed income plan Link
Why work when unemployment pays better? Link
Ed Buck, Rep, Adam Schiff's BFF, went on trial for preying on gay black men and injected them with fatal levels of GHB and methamphetamine -- this one will have it all Link
Once you understand today's Democratic Party is populated by Marxist revolutionaries it all makes sense Link
The United Nations has been formally invited by Team Biden to investigate "the scourge of racism, racial discrimination, and xenophobia" in the U. S. Link
Team Biden's clandestine military operation is secretly moving illegal aliens around the country Link
"I'm not saying this to alarm you. I'm saying this because you should be alarmed" ~ Joe Biden Link
Democratic senators move to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level Link
The last thing the Democrats want is thousands of Cuban anti-communists landing in Florida. Link
Joe Biden does 1984 -- did he forget or omit WW I and WW II? Link
Inflation is the highest since 1991 -- imagine what it would be if they factored in food and fuel Link
Massive voter fraud revealed in Fulton County , Georgia Link
Biden regime and allies to monitor private communications to "dispel misinformation" sent over social media and text messages Link
White House says Hunter Biden "has the right" to sell his "artwork" to anonymous buyers for $500,000 Link
Biden has dementia and Kamala is in her own world -- who's really running things? Link
Hunter Biden's art scheme is a "perfect mechanism for funneling bribes to [the] president" Link
Biden plans to reclassify half of the country as domestic extremists and Google, with their vast data weaponization programs, will play a key role in identifying Public Enemy #1 Link
Making an elephant out of a fly Link
The head of "the system," believes schools should teach "systemic racism is still impacting society" Link
Biden forgets the name of the Pentagon and the name of his Secretary of Defense Link
This is how public servants become public masters Link
Hillary Clinton is staying up to date -- says "whiteness" prevents people of color from voting Link
Best Biden brain freeze yet and they want you to believe he's running things -- makes you wonder, who is? Link
Setup! Trump tried to deploy National Guard for Jan 6 and was blocked by Pelosi and DC mayor Link
Outstanding thread recounts how the Establishment ran every dirty trick in the book against Trump -- it's easy to forget how bad it was Link
White House wants maximum secrecy for Hunter Biden's art swindle Link
The lawyers will make a lot of money, but that's all that's going to happen with this gun grab Link
Things are so bad in San Francisco that retailers are locking everything up Link
The Mayor of Chicago, Lorie Lightfoot and wife, Amy Eshleman Link
American's finally agree on something -- someone, other than Biden, is running the show Link
City of Chicago's new tourism motto -- "We're Killin' It!" Link
Rep. Veronica Escobar says her therapist is helping her deal with the trauma of January 6th Link

It's easier to fool the masses
than to convince them
they are being fooled
~ Mark Twain

Those who can get you
to believe absurdities
can get you to
commit atrocities
~ Voltaire