These aren't your daddy's Democrats

70 declared socialists sit in the United States House of Representatives . . .

Top generals told lawmakers under oath today that they advised @POTUS early this year to keep several thousand troops in Afghanistan, directly contradicting Biden's August comments that no one warned him against withdrawal Link
NY Governor Hochul proclaims, "the vaccine comes from God" Link
Pelosi's budget reconciliation bill includes mass amnesty for illegals and abolishes annual green card caps to allow for unlimited future migration Link
Here are a bunch ofl "Fuck Joe Biden" vids posted just this week -- some from Donk strongholds like New York City Link
Secretary of Defense and Joint Chiefs Chairman will be grilled on Capitol Hill about Afghanistan withdrawal Link
Biden, playing Hitler, which is exactly what he's doing (and now Kamala is doing it too) not only doesn't work it pisses people off Link
The proposed $3.5 trillion spending bill features everything including $3 billion for non-racist trees and $15 million for older people with gender identity issues Link
Psaki has resorted to absurdities in her daily White House briefings Link
Donks don't care one bit for the illegal aliens swarming across the border -- they care about their permanent electoral majority and don't give a rat's ass how many Americans die to get it Link
Newson ensures a permanent Democratic California by signing universal mail-in ballots into law Link
Biden says 98% percent of Americans need the Vaccine before we return to normal Link
Democrats want the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip to be referred to as "occupied territories" and labeled as such by all American statements. Link
The $3.5 trillion infrastructure plan may be a carbon tax, a Medicare overhaul, mass amnesty or a tax on prescription drugs -- Dems can't decide, but they want to pass it this week Link
Joe Biden says his $3.5 trillion infrastructure plan will "cost zero dollars" -- you buying that? Link
Biden is getting flustered with the "fuck Joe Biden" chants Link
Thousands Chant “Fuck Joe Biden” at Aaron Lewis concert ( ) Link
A new I&I/TIPP Poll shows that even people who voted for Biden are now deserting him in significant numbers. Link
After he smears his own Border Patrol people, Myorkas says he's going to let the investigation run its full course. Link
Joe Biden doesn't think too highly of Haiti Link
Joe Biden is some kind of a hypocrite when it comes to taxes Link
Articles of Impeachment have been filed against Joe Biden. Link
"I will not prejudge the facts," except to say it’s another example of America’s systemic racism Link
The White House struggling to solve an ongoing border crisis diverted blame by repeatedly attacking border agents, who can't publicly defend themselves, with false claims Link
All Team Biden has to offer is excuses, excuses and more excuses -- oh, and it's all Trump's fault! Link
These people are beyond stupid! Link
The Democrats are never at fault for the things that they do -- it's always the other guy! Link
Joe Biden could owe as much as $500,000 in back taxes on speaking fees and book sales Link
So...Trump was right a about Clinton & Russia Collusion!! (watch the first 5 minutes) Link
Team Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal was a disaster because of its WOKE priorities Link
Gas is $6.75 per gallon in Mendocino, California -- vote Democrat for more of this good stuff! Link
Hunter Biden has always been the bag man for the Biden Crime Family Link
Sure! Joe Biden's fine. No worries! Link
Team Biden proposes two solutions to the border crisis -- "catch-and-release" or "detention" -- enforcing the sovereignty of our borders is not on the list Link
Biden is pushing forward on an executive order calling for 30% of U.S. land to be “conserved... including private property" Link
Adam Schiff's committee is investigating "Jan 6" as a "conspiracy to commit a coup" Link
As newly-released video demonstrates the intensity of the "insurrection" Link
Biden's United Nations address (condensed!) Link
Team Biden is propagandizing the world to believe that “domestic... white supremacists” are the real terrorists and are the main threat to the homeland. Link
Can you imagine the howl if the Trump administration ever considered this? Link
Glenn Greenwald thread covers the Hunter Biden cover-up -- says he'll release video tonight Link
Biden is flooding the country with unvaccinated illegal Haitian immigrants from the Del Rio squatters camp Link
"You guys didn't kill people who went after our troops, you killed 10 civilians including 7 children." Link
"No one respects Joe Biden." Link
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses President Biden of treason on the House floor Link
Democrats agree. Criticizing their behavior is racist, sexist, and homophobic Link
DHS director "horrified" at images of BP agents on Horseback, but not by the 15,000 at Del Rio squatter's camp Link
Joe Biden confuses the United Nations and the United States Link
Team Biden wants the IRS to have direct access to your bank accounts Link
Unlike airline passengers, illegal aliens don't have to have proof of vaccination to enter the U. S. Link
It's all just a coincidence, folks! Link
The "fuck Joe Biden" thing is becoming a real thing! -- week #3 Link
No matter what else is going on, the Democrats keep salting Americas with illegal aliens Link
Democrat plan to sneak through citizenship for DACA illegals rejected by Senate Parliamentarian Link
Bidenville Link
Joe Biden is on vacation -- meanwhile, at the border . . . Link
Exposed! -- Hillary Clinton's dirty tricks in the 2016 election campaign and after Link
Now that Biden has fucked-up the country to a fair-thee-well he takes a "well deserved" vacation Link
Biden orders Americans to vax and mask, while shipping unvaccinated illegals all over the country Link
70% call Joe Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal a "national humiliation" Link
Things are spinning out of control very quickly along the border Link
Final word on Biden and Milley's "Wag The Dog" attack Link
How bad does Biden suck? Let's count the ways! Link
Democrat superlawyer indicted in Hillary Clinton campaign plot to tie Trump to Putin Link
Here comes the world! Link
Whatever else you do today, watch this short video clip -- all of it! Link
Biden forgets Australian prime minister’s name and the UK's prime minister can’t stop laughing Link
Fort Pelosi Link
"Joe" by Five Times August Link
Signs point to Milley's exit Link
Army Colonel Douglass MacGregor cuts through all the bullshit in L'Affair Milley Link
Relax! Joe's in control. Link
Meanwhile, Team Biden ignores the political, financial and medical crisis along the border Link
Bottom line on Milley Link
Psaki's briefings are propaganda sessions where a question about Milley's plotting against his commander-in-chief segues into an attack on Trump Link
Here’s a great thread on Gen. Mark Milley and the deep state Link
40% of Democrats believe Biden should be impeached! Link
"Milley was overseeing the mobilization of America's national security state without the knowledge of the American people or the rest of the world" ~ Woodward and Costa Link
Book describes Gen. Milley as hero who saved US from Trump -- also shows him plotting against the Commander-in-Chief Link
Pelosi and Milley plot against the president -- if this isn't treason, it's bumping up against it Link
Several Pentagon officers present in Milley’s secret meeting are willing to testify against him Link
Who is Joe Biden's "button" person? Link
Biden Family Corruption Link
Who is really running things in the Biden White House? Link
Is this the best Biden's got? -- "You either keep Gavin Newsom as your governor or you’ll get Donald Trump" Link
The 'F*ck Joe Biden" thing is really catching on -- this from the Brooklyn Bridge Link
"Blood on My Hands" -- singer John Ondrasik blasts Biden and Milley Link
This resonates with those who now realize what a horrible mistake it was for the country to elect Joe Biden Link
Team Biden can call it "humanitarian assistance" all day long, but it's ransom for the hostages Link
Joe Biden’s motorcade booed massively by students at Long Beach City College Link
There are literally hundreds of tweets returned if you search "Biden dictator" on Twitter Link
I'll personally write a check to anyone who can tell me what Biden is trying to say! Link
"My patience is wearing thin" are the words of a dictator not a president Link
DeBlasio won't pay cops or other city workers that don't follow his COVID policy Link
The "fuck Joe Biden" chants continue to explode across college campuses Link
If it's an election, Democrats will be cheating Link
Most voters blame Biden -- would back military rescue of hostages ~ Rasmussen Link
Joe Biden is not incompetent -- he is doing exactly what he was hired to do -- collapse America (essay) Link
Biden taken aback by the booing and anti-Biden signs at Shanksville 9/11 ceremony Link
Team Biden is trading "sensitive" aircraft to the Taliban to free hostages Link
That's a whole lot of evil in just one picture Link
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