Haters are gonna hate!

it's who they are -- expose them . . .

Judge denies last-ditch effort to dismiss a criminal case against "bad actor" Jussie Smollett, Link
The irony is delicious! Link
Computer science curriculum needs to be "rethought" because "all of the textbooks are written by white people" Link
Inside the breast of every Prog beats the heart of a tyrant Link
Walmart is indoctrinating its white hourly-wage workers to believe they are guilty of "internalized racial superiority" Link
It had to happen -- Halloween has been declared racist and is hereby cancelled! Link
The Art Institute of Chicago fired all of its unpaid, white volunteers Link
Dontcha just love happy endings? Link
Did you know that the "City of Brotherly Love" put Columbus in a box? Link
Get your children out of the public schools! Link
These elected officials are not practicing racism while doing The People's business, how? Link
Militant tranny goes after Chappelle, who flips it -- "If this is what being canceled is like, I love it" Link
Grabien's list of hate-crime hoaxes Link
Joe Biden has appointed a Critical Race Theory activist to the DOE -- her job is to make sure your kids know that their skin color is the most important thing about them Link
No Whites or Asians need apply Link
Millionaire race-hustler hates capitalism Link
Demonstrating Democrat Rule #3: "That's different" Link
If you really want to see sexism, misogyny, and hate, just look at how the Left/Donks treat ANY woman who dares to disagree with their agenda Link
Pitbull tells it like it is! Link
Another day, another hate hoax -- black woman masquerades as KKK member to threaten neighbors Link
One of the "good" people Link
We can see emerging in America a sharp divide between progressive elites and ordinary citizens Link
Just another hate hoax -- black student admits to posting racist graffiti at Parkway Central High School in St. Louis Link
Race hustler wins a MacArthur "genius" grant Link
Surprise! Another hate hoax Link
If there's some race-hustling to be done, Al Sharpton is your man -- but Texas will have none of it. Link
"White is not a culture" Link
Three women attack a waitress because of racism or something Link
This is pretty evil -- only lefties hate like this Link
Why does MSNBC broadcasts this lunatic's rantings and ravings every night? Link
White liberals are the epitome of white supremacy and privilege Link
Do you know what's going on in your children's classrooms? Link
"White people are cultural vampires" -- CRT Counter-Storytelling doesn't rely on truth or facts, only the agenda -- white people bad! Link
Gavin Newsom says a vote for a black man is a vote against “diversity” and “racial justice” Link
Brandon Hatcher is convinced he won't be fired for his racist and ageist treatment of an old man Link
The LA Times attacks Larry Elder as "the black face of white supremacy" Link
** No white males need apply ** Link
On 9/11 too, but don't you dare disrespect the LGBTQXYZ flag -- they put you in jail for that Link
Abusers do these things to their victims Link
Los Angeles Sheriff wants to know, "How is this not a hate crime?" Link
Leftist violence against Republicans and conservatives is basically a running joke in the media -- why? (thread) Link
The flags to honor fallen Marines were vandalized, replaced, then stolen by the "good" people Link
Democrats, wearing masks, are still attacking black people Link
Indoctrinating kids isn't that hard! Link
Black Lives Matter would be burning down an Ameican city, but they won't mess with the Taliban over this "sacrilege" Link
When White people are no longer a majority, racism will fade and the US "will never be a White country again" Link
LA Times smears Larry Elder as "the black face of white supremacy" Link
"Texas is basically a small Soviet Republic... with neighbors spying on neighbors... an apartheid state for nonwhite voters. What woman or POC could possibly feel safe there? To say nothing of the gun proliferation" --- MSNBC Link
COVID testing center operator refuses to test Candice Owens because of her politics Link
Billionaire, Mark Cuban, and his team of barely literate millionaires used American freedoms to become wealthy, but now they piss on her Link
Nobody hates like a gay progressive (thread) Link
The Left will never, ever understand this simple fact -- "it’s not 'just a song' or 'a piece of cloth'" Link
Leftist porta-potty, Vice News, smeared the United States Marine Corps as neo-NAZIs in now deleted tweet Link
Malcolm Nance, a left-wing MSNBC analyst, minimized the airport suicide bombing that killed 13 Marines by tweeting, "deal with it" Link
Tara is a really big supporter of Black Lives Matter and burns candles for George Floyd, but let a black man run for office as anything but a Democrat and the hate comes pouring out like a busted dam Link
President Trump was banned from Twitter -- Rouhani, the Taliban, Antifa, and others remain Link
Are you old enough to remember when bureaucrats worked for us? Link
This is what America's "public" education system is doing to America's young with its CRT Link
The Left loves dancing on the graves of conservatives who have succumbed to the deadly virus Link
Al Sharpton is the "acceptable" face of anti-Semitism Link
And this Los Angeles Times headline is not racist, how? Link
Journalism Link
Teammate says Megan Rapinoe would "almost bully" us into kneeling during The National Anthem Link
All you white people can go now -- Wikipedia has declared you "obsolete" Link
Expert in "whiteness studies" says "white people are susceptible to manipulation" -- is her own best example Link
Only in America could a white guy masquerading as a black activist become a millionaire Link
Grover, Elmo, and Oscar the Grouch teach children about hate crimes and homelessness Link
Hero cop denied formal burial in Chicago -- "we don't have time for that shit" Link
Thread reveals how a false image of the culture has been created Link
Naturally, Princeton is offering a Black Lives Matter course Link
Critical Face Theory -- stop denying benefits to the facially oppressed Link
Shaun King, who makes a living pretending to be an activist black man, wants you to send him money so he can buy a big house Link
Megan Rapinoe, meet karma! Link
Isn't that Megan Rapinoe using an ADL/SPLC-verified white supremacist hand sign? Link
Black racist teaches white women how to hate white people ( they paid to hear this stuff ) Link
Was there ever any doubt about the motivation for all this racial crap? Link
Ebony Afzal, 25, was arrested and jailed for attacking and beating elderly Asian store owners Link
Rhode Island Democratic Party honcho "hopes" Sen. Lindsey Graham dies from The Wuhan Link
Rapinoe, as ye sow so shall ye reap -- plus really bitter comments Link
"There can be no redemption, until America is gone..." Link
You wanna know what's really on the minds of the Crits? Listen up! Link
Not all race hustlers are black Link
The Left is totally negative -- even the Bishops preach hate Link
Minnesota citizens tell court that Critical Race Theory (CRT) the Marxist ideology promotes racism and divisiveness Link
Progs would have no problem with gulags if they could just figure out how to implement them Link
Five troubling signs that your baby might be a white supremacist Link
In every progressive's breast beats the heart of a tyrant Link
There seems to be little doubt that "legendary sportswriter" sees America as an irredeemably racist nation Link
Asians aren't going to take shit from the Democrats 2nd favorite protected group any more and good on 'em! Link
Black supremacists want rich folks to pledge to not send kids to Ivy League so seats can be reserved for all black students Link
The Left wants a return to segregation Link
The end game -- what the critical Race Theory activists really want Link
After some consideration, Team Biden decides to pull support from a black group dedicated to burning schools down Link
Remember, there is no doubt in this evil bitch's mind that she is a good and noble person Link
How much brainwashing does it takes to twist a person like this "blue-check" tweeter? Link
Will New York's next mayor rename the George Wasgington Bridge as the George Floyd Bridge? Link
The Left can't stomach this symbol that inspires freedom fighters in Cuba, Hong Kong and Venezuela Link
The head of the Fairfax (VA) NAACP curses parents opposing Critical Race Theory, saying, "Let them die" Link
A mind is a terrible thing to poison Link
Mommas don't let your babies grow up to hate white boys! Link
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