haters are gonna hate!

it's who they are -- expose them . . .

Not all race hustlers are black Link
The Left is totally negative -- even the Bishops preach hate Link
Minnesota citizens tell court that Critical Race Theory (CRT) the Marxist ideology promotes racism and divisiveness Link
Progs would have no problem with gulags if they could just figure out how to implement them Link
Five troubling signs that your baby might be a white supremacist Link
In every progressive's breast beats the heart of a tyrant Link
There seems to be little doubt that "legendary sportswriter" sees America as an irredeemably racist nation Link
Asians aren't going to take shit from the Democrats 2nd favorite protected group any more and good on 'em! Link
Black supremacists want rich folks to pledge to not send kids to Ivy League so seats can be reserved for all black students Link
The Left wants a return to segregation Link
The end game -- what the critical Race Theory activists really want Link
After some consideration, Team Biden decides to pull support from a black group dedicated to burning schools down Link
Remember, there is no doubt in this evil bitch's mind that she is a good and noble person Link
How much brainwashing does it takes to twist a person like this "blue-check" tweeter? Link
Will New York's next mayor rename the George Wasgington Bridge as the George Floyd Bridge? Link
The Left can't stomach this symbol that inspires freedom fighters in Cuba, Hong Kong and Venezuela Link
The head of the Fairfax (VA) NAACP curses parents opposing Critical Race Theory, saying, "Let them die" Link
A mind is a terrible thing to poison Link
Mommas don't let your babies grow up to hate white boys! Link
Mark Lamont Hill has been selling his hate for a while, but I'm surprised he's so open about it Link
I have never rooted against an American team, but I'm rooting against this one Link
“God Bless Abortions” Link
They hate America and Americans, but these Black Lives Matter clowns just won't leave Link
Lefties panic and demand black NFL player gets his ass back on the reservation after tweeting, "I feel free, lol" Link
Brit Hume shames the Left for having zero knowledge of civil rights or racism Link
Women's USA Olympic Soccer Team disses the National Anthem and Old Glory Link
The Democratic media appears to be competing to see which rag can publish the most anti-American hit-piece in celebration of the 4th of July Link
Nobody hates America (the country that made her wealthy and powerful) like Maxine Waters Link
The logical conclusion of Critical Race Theory Link
Olympian, Gwen Berry, wanted to be famous, but not for these Link
Any race or religion other than white Christian and this would be condemned as a hate crime Link
Athlete who turned her back to the American flag doesn't like the criticism -- so race! Link
Hollywood star accuses blacks of “weaponizing the Bible” against the LGBTQXYZ community Link
MSNBC race-pimp attacks white leftist, Bill Maher, for his "racially insensitive" comments Link
Olympian receives support for her anti-American-hatred from Democrat Coalition Link
Police officer's assassin arrested in Georgia black nationalist paramilitary camp Link
Leftist activist, working for CNN, wants the military to indoctrinate soldiers against "white rage" Link
Branco nails it in this one! Link
Racist BIPOCs-only program at Harvard violates federal law ("black and indigenous people of color" are a special class of victim severely impacted by systemic racial injustices) Link
No-Joy Reid can't handle a guy that knows what he's talking about, so she just doesn't let him speak Link
"I'm shocked the sculptor didn’t put a crack pipe in one hand and a 40-ounce of beer in the other" Link
Seattle's TAKING B(L)ACK PRIDE event is charging white people a “reparations fee” to attend -- city council chair approves Link
A predominantly black crowd of Juneteenth revelers cheered as a white woman was savagely beaten in Long Branch, New Jersey Link
Mayor of Ft. Lauderdale cries "terrorism" but they're all members of the Gay Men’s Chorus Link
This is for all the cop-haters -- walk a mile in his shoes (4th tweet) Link
Racists, having an intellectual discussion about "psychopathic" White people, are blissfully unaware of their own hate and racism Link
Go tell it to Obama! Link
Odd, that someone who views the world through the lens of race keeps a white boyfriend -- is the boyfriend responsible for the sins of the white race? -- how does all that work? Link
John Cusack has to be one of the three biggest assholes in Hollywood Link
Unless White people pledge to Black Lives Matter, sun tanning is racist Link
Beyond the Whiteness of WOKE lies the gritty racial reality of tribal violence and murder Link
National Public Radio loon criticizes Tom Hanks for playing "righteous White men" and wants him to be "anti-racist" (whatever that is?) Link
Is it time to start thinking about leaving the cities? Link
A 39-year-old black man, targeting white males, shot 5 of them in a two day shooting spree that spanned two states Link
How the hell does a self-loathing idiot like this ever get to command an infantry battalion? Link
Federal judge stays Biden's anti-White farm bill, available only to farmers who are Black, American Indian or Alaskan native, Hispanic or Latino, and Asian American or Pacific Islander Link
Lightfoot's lawyers argue injunction is unnecessary since mayor only discriminated a little bit Link
Babylon Bee spoof of the Hunter Biden "N-word" controversy is drawing attention to its absence in the press Link
LGBTQXYZ tyrants are still tyrants. Link
This is the guy that's going around Europe telling the world America is a racist country Link
The NAACP is refusing to respond to inquiries about President Biden’s son using the "N-word" multiple times Link
File under "Blacks Can't Be Racist" Link
"I'm sick of Westie whites!" Link
Hunter Biden’s Emails Show Friends Mocking "Faggots" And "Dykes." Link
Racist says "black people can't be racist" while repeatedly calling Asian cop a "Chink" in front of other officers Link
The president's degenerate son repeatedly used the "N-word" in text messages Link
More from the "War on Whites" front Link
It takes a real man to attack a small Asian with no arms (VIDEO) Link
An audio of the progressive New York City shrink who wants to kill white people has surfaced Link
Yes! There is a lot of Asian hate. Let's be sure to identify the haters Link
"The Republican Party that exists now, needs to just completely be destroyed! "There's not the hope of, you know, bringing it back from anything. These are bad people." Link
Whaddaya think? Should Dr. Aruna Khilanani, a NYC shrink, be treating the disturbed while fantasizing about shooting white people in head? Link
I will never, ever understand why burning the American flag is "protected speech" while burning the rainbow flag is "hate speech?" Link
Google fires diversity head for being a stone-cold Jew-hater Link
Cartoon reminds us of the rotten corpses in the Democrats closet Link
Hate Hoax: ‘Noose’ Reported on College Campus Turns Out to Be US Flag on Construction Crane Link
New York: Black Man Sucker Punches Asian Woman in Chinatown, Knocks Her Out Cold (VIDEO) Link
Armed Black Supremacists in Tulsa: "There Will Come a Time When We Will Kill Everything White in Sight" Link
As Anti-Semitic Attacks Increase Across Country – Thousands of Red-Green Allies Gather in Washington DC for National March for Palestine Link
Biden’s border policies seek ‘to make white people the minority’ Link
Racist Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Sued by Judicial Watch for Denying Reporter Interview for Being White Link
Joe Biden's billion dollar Covid relief plan to distribute funds to "socially disadvantaged" people omits white people Link
BLM Orator Threatens Kansas City Police, saying: "We Gonna Blow Your Motherfucking Head Off!" Link
Bishop Garrison, head of Biden's Countering Extremism Working Group, said Trump supporters were unequivocally extremists and racists. Link
Cartoon nails the underlying bigotry of the so-called Critical Race Theory Link
Auto Repair Shop Vandalized and Smeared with Racist Graffiti is Just One More Hoax Link
Suspicious Package Containing White Powder Sent to Senator Rand Paul’s Home Link
NYPD Asks Public For Help Identifying Black Man Who Pushed Asian Man Onto Subway Tracks Link
Kamala Harris wiped her hand on her jacket after shaking hands with South Korean President Link
Lori Lightfoot Won’t Talk to White Reporters -- Will She Allow Her White Wife to Talk? Link
Mayor Lightweight is what happens when pigmentation and plumbing replace competence. Link
Palestinians Hurl Firebomb at Jews in New York City (Video) Link

It's easier to fool the masses
than to convince them
they are being fooled
~ Mark Twain

Those who can get you
to believe absurdities
can get you to
commit atrocities
~ Voltaire