morons -- what can you say

they're gonna be morons -- it's a pity so many are in Congress . . .

And to think that 82% of the progressive community get all or most of their news and opinion from this person? Link
Be careful who you vote for, Michael! Link
This is CNN! Link
More science! Link
Progs never considered the Law of Unintended Consequences when they implemented their loony "defund the police" campaign Link
"The Republican Party is now a terrorist organization," says former-ESPNer Link
Who wears this pattern better? -- and the picture of "the doctor" was on Vogue (cursor down) Link
Leftists think this stuff is perfectly normal Link
"Someone needs to create porn for children." Link
Kamala's been vaccinated, has the best medicines and wears a mask -- not exactly a confidence booster Link
AOC compares Jan 6th to "being raped by white supremacy" Link
This is where leftists get all their information Link
U.S. women’s national soccer team has finally admitted that they are paid the same, if not more, than the U.S. men’s national team, but are still bitching Link
Cher's mind is gone Link
This thread is devoted to favorite Wuhan insanity moments Link
View airhead tells the world the 2nd Amendment was "designed to protect slavery" Link
San Francisco may have needles and poop all over its streets, but that won't stop the purchase of $20,000 Gucci trash cans Link
Nature is racist Link
Aren't there any sane teachers left -- are they all crazy? Link
What is the opposite of intersectionality? Link
The loony Left is actively encouraging these people and this behavior -- why? Link
MSNBC conspiracy nut warns viewers to watch out for right-wing conspiracy, Qanon Link
NY cops are looking to arrest a serial flasher, who will then be released on his own personal recognizance Link
Man rapes horse -- no foolin' Link
Woman wanted by police arrested after inquiring about the "reward" on Facebook Link
Confused by reason, "antifascists" resort to fascist tactics -- they miss the irony Link
The ladies at the Vagina Museum aren't the least bit worried about the Wuhan or Global Warming Link
Gillette lost $2 billion with its WOKE campaign -- Coke could be next Link
MSNBC airhead says spending trillions on socialism will build the "Barbie Dreamhouse of improvements to the human condition" Link
"It's because I'm black" -- No, it's because you're an asshole! Link
Hysteric compares hunting and abortion -- throws in required racial reference Link
Cornerback, Richard Sherman, booked for burglary and domestic violence this morning in Seattle Link
Self-loathing WOKE-ster says white people can never be free of racism and she feels better now Link
Is Olbermann for real or does he say this crap to get attention? Link
Fauci says 3-year-olds should be forced to wear masks Link
I don't care how much the Left tries to normalize this stuff -- this is some sick shit! Link
Yale is no longer a serious institution Link
"Communism is as close to an utopia as we can get" Link
Extremely, very special, privileged person recognizes no authority, forcing all passengers to unass airliner Link
Buncha white people, all dressed up in black, march with raised fists to protest "white supremacy" Link
James Woods reminds us of the depth and professionslism of America's media giants Link
This guy has a problem with Christianity, but he is very nimble Link
Leftists would have you believe this is perfectly normal and if you question it, there's something wrong with you Link
"All My Exes Changed Their Sexes" -- this is just fun! Link
Mathematics is now racist -- addressing students "wrong answer" is a form of white supremacy Link
Remember, this wacko is more valued and protected by the Left and the Democrats than hard-working, traditional Americans Link
I am just so done with the National Football League -- leftists destroy everything they touch Link
Ask a lefty what "progress" means and they can't tell you, but San Francisco is the model for it Link
National Geographic says 4th of July fireworks are racist Link
Why are liberals so high strung? Link
Get your children out of the public schools! Link
White liberal lunatic smears her own child as a "racist" Link
My heart breaks for this person's father Link
Disney's WOKE TV series, "Alien," will be "about inequality... how the disparity of wealth inevitably leads to a confrontation with a killer, parasitic alien species" Link
America is turning into a bad movie Link
Look at what the media has done to these people -- they're not even Americans any more Link
Chelsea Handler -- the comments in this thread, especially "those that may contain offensive content" are terrific Link
This looks like an open confession of being a pedophile? Link
Thought she was going to be Kaepernick II Link
Yes, they’re just making up shit! Link
The NFL continues its transition -- and decline -- from a sports entity into a political entity Link
Do white leftists have a racial variant of the Stockholm Syndrome? Link
Sunrise Movement lays siege to the White House demanding climate justice and some other stuff Link
San Francisco Chronicle article lauds crime stats going down, omits fact cops aren't arresting and prosecutors aren't prosecuting Link
Why would anybody would tweet something like this? Link
Madonna Link
Since teachers can't teach it or black students can't learn it, or both, professors declare the English language "racist" Link
Bioethicist/transfeminist says "gendering animals" is wrong Link
Progs rethinking all that "defund the police" stuff Link
There's something really, really wrong with progressives -- really wrong! Link
The author of "Unwifeable" demonstrates why Link
The FAA's Drone Advisory Committee wants to replace gender-exclusive terms such as "cockpit," "airman," and "manmade" with more inclusive language Link
No-Joy Behar concludes that crime (caused by BLM's and AntiFa's riots, arson. lootings, etc. and all that "defund the police" crap) are Trumps fault Link
When the teachers are dumber than the students Link
If you wanna be a dyke in Chicago you first must hate America and Israel Link
You can't make this stuff up -- a line of women;s lingerie "inspired by George Floyd" Link
Putting "fried chicken" and "watermelon" on the menu probably wasn't the best idea for Juneteenth Link
Trans female BMX athlete threatens to burn American flag on Olympic podium if she wins Link
Liberals live in a different reality Link
Tweeters tear Fredo a new one Link
CNN's Brian Stelter should never go on vieweer call-in programs Link
We didn't see a lot of this in the fifties? Link
This headline was made for a thread entitled, "Morons" Link
The future Secretary of Health and Human Services Link
Louder with Crowder has a few things to say about the feminist rebrand of Victoria's Secret Link
The logical end of liberalism Link
Brainwashed Hollywood cultists celebrate vaccinations Link
There's something wrong with liberals' brains Link
The LGBTXYZ Chorus sings the vaccination song -- consider yourself warned! Link
Victoria’s Secret is getting rid of its hotties and is going WOKE Link
You can't fix dumb. Dumb is forever. Link
This guy just looks like he's asking for trouble Link
OK! Now I understand how the G7 leaders' brains are washed, but who is the power behind the monolith? Link
Did you know that finding fat people unattrctive is racist? Link
It must be awful being a used-to-be-somebody with no work and too much money with little to do but rage on the Internet Link
Liberalism's poster-person Link
I don't even know what to say about this. I am at a total loss for words. Link
Just because this person went to medical school doesn't mean this person isn't a complete moron Link
Alleged funny man reminds his audience of morons that America may not be as awful as the Left claims it is Link
New Jersey school district abolishes holiday names from calendar to avoid "hurt feelings" Link

It's easier to fool the masses
than to convince them
they are being fooled
~ Mark Twain

Those who can get you
to believe absurdities
can get you to
commit atrocities
~ Voltaire