Morons -- what can you say

they're gonna be morons -- it's a pity so many are in Congress . . .

Two-thirds of college students believe shouting down campus speakers OK Link
Mom compares unmasked children to deadly biological weapons, loaded firearms, and homicide Link
Be all you can be! Link
Anderson Cooper's mother, 85 year-old Gloria Vanderbilt, wanted to have Cooper's baby Link
This is what passes for instruction in the public schools Link
Green groups are thwarting geothermal solutions to energy problems Link
The Women’s Health Protection Act asserts abortion is "critical to the health of every person capable of becoming pregnant," including "cisgender women, transgender men, non-binary individuals, those who identify with a different gender, and others." Link
Not to worry, Biden, Commanding General Yahanna of The ISUPK has everything under control Link
The ACLU removed references to women in famous Ruth Bader Ginsburg quote so as not to offend -- men? Link
The "Defund the Police" crowd can take a lot of the credit for this Link
The Secret Service and FBI are latest to acquire Chinese drones that the Pentagon has repeatedly warned pose a threat to U.S. national security Link
Ben & Jerry's "Change Is Brewing" ice cream is funding the defund the police movement Link
Carl Bernstein has really gone round the bend with his Trump obsession Link
The Daily Show producer claims Chuck Todd is actually a "centrist Republican" who pushes right-wing talking points Link
The Left has zero self-awareness! Link
The WOKEsters at The Nation wants frequent fliers shunned because pre-pandemic travel habits were destroying the earth Link
Lefties are ouraged about Border Patrol agents "whipping" illegal aliens fantasy Link
WeLCoMe To FRauDCiSTaN -- cursor down, and down, and . . . Link
Probably fake -- but accurate! Link
Ford’s Theatre attacks Lincoln -- literally Link
This is why you should never use TikTok Link
7 Identifiable personality traits common amongst the "woke" crowd Link
This is what passes for "critical thinking" on the Left Link
Do you think these CNN-types check under the bed and in the closet for Trumpers before retiring? Link
Two white celebrities bitch about the racism of white people as audience applauds approvingly Link
CBS's new reality TV series, "The Activist," based around woke, social justice causes is being slammed as “truly horrific,” “grotesque,” and the “worst idea ever” Link
I knew this guy was screwed when he sold his matched Purdey guns Link
Chicago's Lightfoot will take gangbangers to court to get their guns -- really! Link
The Left killed funny -- what remains is angry, political snark Link
More news of the bizarre from Nutsville, USA Link
Wrong house, crackhead! Link
Why anybody lives in San Francisco is a mystery Link
"The closest thing America had to national leaders on 9/11" ~ Brian Stelter Link
If you are vaccinated and you fear the unvaccinated, you might be a moron Link
It's the drugs! Leftists have taken far too many, far too often Link
Radio show won’t play songs by the unvaxxed Link
An allegedly serious member of the House Democratic Caucus says, "we can’t go bankrupt because we have the power to create as much money as we need to spend…” Link
America -- land of the free -- home of the brave! Link
Progressives probably should avoid religion and prayer altogether -- it's just not their thing Link
Cops were attempting to defuse a standoff with an armed teenager on a rooftop when a naked woman drove a golf cart through the crime scene. Link
"Not just women! Trans men & non-binary people can also menstruate," says congressional leader Link
This State Department tweet tells you all you need to know about the Biden government Link
it's crazy-time over on MSNBC -- Rachel Maddow and Joy Ann Reid have just started making stuff up -- strange stuff! Link
Are MSNBC's on-air females having a contest to see which is the bat-shit craziest? Wallace's contribution is a wacky conspiracy Link
Rutgers student stopped from taking remote, on-line classes from his home because he’s not vaccinated Link
The Atlantic suggests throwing guns into a public trash can promotes gun safety Link
Star Treker, George Takei, supports abortion because... Link
Loony PhD says Rolling Stone got its facts wrong (rednecks overdosing on horse meds) but it's all the fault of right-wing conspiracy sites Link
New York City mayoral candidate blames recent floding on people who have "screwed up our planet" -- ignoring vital infrastructure for 100 years, not so much Link
Hollywood Progs come out from under their rocks to attack Larry Elder one week before the California recall Link
This lunatic teacher's COVID protection gear ought to make her students feel really secure -- she look like forensic pathologists investigating a crime scene Link
Bette Midler proposes sex strike to fight Texas abortion law Link
Climate change is "suddenly feeling a lot more real for many Americans... leading many to seek one-on-one therapy" Link
The Satanic Temple says the Texas abortion law violates their "religious freedom" to "abortion rituals" Link
WOKE American three-star general can't recognize her own army -- can't spell either! Link
Physician tells a whopper! Link
Imani Gandy wants you to know "it’s not only women who need abortions" Link
"Doctor" ManyGuns pontificates on the hidden racism of Upper Case writing Link
Human Q-Tip wants Biden to create “a federal force” of abortion providers to send into Texas Link
Narcissists and social media Link
Tyson Gilbert cut off his penis during police chase -- the "insanity" defense might work for this guy Link
Thief tries to rob the wrong truck Link
The loony-toons running San Francisco will pay "high-risk individuals" for not shooting people Link
This curious Ford ad will probably boost Chevy and Dodge truck sales Link
Protesters don't grasp the irony of chanting , “hands off my body,” while wearing mandated masks Link
Professor weaves one on the looniest theories ever, demonstrating once again, that the Left is insane Link
"Is the Taliban an enemy of the United States?" -- Biden’s National Security Adviser's reply? -- "It's hard to put a label on it." Link
Adm. John Kirby has to be the most dishonest and corrupt spokesman the Pentagon has ever hard Link
Mask Zombie suffers meltdown Link
You have to wonder what is going on in the schools that produce these kinds of insufferable assholes? Link
You can always count on the Hollywood types for sheer lunacy Link
87% of Democrats believe Biden is doing a good job Link
College students overwhelmed with WOKEness -- do the colleges even educate anymore? Link
Even Bill Maher gets it -- leftists who constantly attack the U. S. have their head's up their ass! Link
Woke fragility -- the weak leading the weak! Link
Young Americans can tell you all about social justice and diversity and Trump bad -- but nothing else! Link
The loony Left is going to extraordinary lengths to defend the Biden clusterfuck Link
Sergeant Major of the United States Army is pushing "diversity" in the midst of the Biden disaster Link
Terry McAuliffe didn't sign form making him a valid candidate for VA governor -- includes two signatures from witnesses attesting that they saw him sign Link
Harvard University names a devout atheist as its new head chaplain Link
Tickets for New Orleans Saints sell for $1 after mask mandate -- go WOKE, go broke Link
Nancy Pelosi is just simply stupid! Link
Notre Dame's defense of its "leprechaun" mascot is seen as racist Link
There's psychobabble and then there's just plain bullshit! Link
Why do allegedly intelligent New Yorkers keep putting these buffoons into office? Link
Biden's Secretary of State doesn't even know who's been running Afghanistan! Link
Biden's DoD doesn't know the difference between an United Arab Emirates aircraft and an US Air Force aircraft Link
Would you believe this idiot was awarded a Nobel Prize? Link
Biden's praising a leading American-hater in the middle of the Afghanistan debacle is just stupid! Link
An euphemism can fix anything Link
The next U. S. president giggles when reporters ask her about Afghanistan -- may God help us! Link
Former director of the CIA and NSA, General Michael Hayden, thinks it's a good idea to "send the MAGA wearing unvaxxed to Afghanistan" Link
"Karen" comes to the rescue of Black Lives Matter Link
WTF is wrong with these people? Hasn't America's Secretary of State been briefed? Link
Yesterday, with American citizens abandoned in Afghanistan, Schumer and Colbert celebrated Link
Bet you didn't know that "jogging has always excluded black people" Link
Cori Bush is a real role model for Democratic politicians Link
This is an actual CBS News headline Link
The "look at me" generation Link
Minneapolis to vote on replacing the city’s police department with social workers Link
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