they define themselves . . .

New York City man, with 10 prior arrests, arrested again for random attack on a mother and child Link
And here's a New Yorker with 37 prior arrests who was still out hunting his prey Link
Driving for Uber in Chicago Link
Eight predators are wanted for a violent mugging and slashing of a man in the Kingsbridge Heights section of the Bronx (NY) Link
This clip demonstrates the "Absolute State of California" nicely! Link
Nike CEO praises the chairman of Nike's "Jordan" brand for confessing to murder Link
Veteran NY cop shoots her lesbian lover and her new girlfriend Link
Donks install "bleeding control kits" all over Chicago Link
This piece of shit is an aide to Donk senator Bob Menendez (NJ) Link
Keep your hands off my ass! Link
WTF is going on at the airports? -- a compilation Link
Brutal beatdown of woman in Brownsville section of Brooklyn (NY) Link
Mom threw multiple drunken parties for her teenage son and his friends -- none older than 15 Link
Jewelry store is robbed by an armless man armed with a gun -- really! Link
Gang stabbing in Winston Salem (NC) Food Lion Link
Chicago man beats woman after she tells him to quit masturbating in the street Link
Blac Chyna suffers bizarre vaccine meltdown inside Miami Airport Link
Bronx (NY) child-napper arrested -- the odds he gets bail in New York are pretty good Link
Gunplay in the Bronx (NY) Link
Woman thrown into train by maniac has died -- video: ( ) Link
Man retaliates on being 86'd by bar -- drives truck at patrons on sidewalk -- ends up dead! Link
Family turns children's bedroom into a bunker after attack Link
Construction worker foils coward's kidnapping attempt Link
Massive brawl at Texas high school Link
LA SWAT team rescues hostages -- things don't go well for perp ( ) Link
Mass school shooter is welcomed home by a big party -- equal justice under the law is dead Link
At this point, you are safer around zombies Link
Arlington (TX) school shooter free in less than 24-hours after shooting his teacher and classmates -- bail was $75,000. Link
Student beats the crap out of her wheelchair-bound 64-year-old teacher in an unprovoked assault at a high school in Covington (LA) Link
Shoplifting gang loots Bloomindales, Chicago! Link
Separate bunch of shoplifters loots Chicago Louis Vuitton store Link
Texas school shooter has been arrested -- shooting followed fight in school (cursor down) Link
Just another day in the Donk plantation Link
Always be aware of your surroundings -- situational awareness is your friend Link
You can take the girl out of the hood, but you can't take the hood out of the girl -- the WNBA in action Link
Wild shootout in the Bronx (NY) Link
California was designated "The Golden State" in 1968 -- thanks to Donks, things have changed Link
Queens (NY) "thief" arrested 46 times for shoplifting -- just this year Link
Over 3,000 shot and over 600 killed in the Donk stronghold of Chicago so far this year Link
High-speed car crash and police shootout in Wisconsin Link
Why one cop carries 145 rounds Link
Instant justice -- video clip collection Link
Mysterious stabber wanted in a spate of random attacks in Portland has been arrested Link
Live! from NYC! Link
With no law enforcement in the Democratic districts, shoplifters are bringing tools to help them steal merchandise Link
An assassination in broad daylight Link
Man refuses to disarm -- is shot to death on Huntington Beach Link
Live from Chicago Link
Florida lunatic attacks Orlando police officers with a brick while livestreaming on Facebook Link
Someone shot into a pizza restaurant in Portland, killing Jacob Knight-Vasquez & injuring 2 others -- shootings have skyrocketed after city abolished gun violence team, saying it was racist. Link
Six people, including a female, were shot in a Philadelphia drive-by Link
Bagel shop employee bashed with a brick on Lower East Side, NY Link
Which is worse, the woman's kicker or the disinterested bystander? Link
Was it something I said? Link
This is what happens when restaurants need a "vaccine cop" Link
Animals don't treat each other this way Link
This is unbelievable -- thieves try to rob goild necklace from man while he's being arrested! Link
Don't eat at sidewalk restaurants, the latest target for armed robberies Link
Motorcyclists carjack BMW in Manhattan Link
Chicago has more shootings every week than "Escape from New York" and "Escape from LA" combined ( ) Link
Florida students, aged 14 and 13, plotted to carry out Columbine-style mass shooting Link
Two K9s are recovering after a carjacker shot both service dogs during a police pursuit Link
More children have been shot in Chicago this year than have died from COVID-19 across the entire country Link
Wild shootout in Florida! Link
What a perfectly wonderful day for an armed robbery! Link
It was a pleasant, sunny day in Portsmouth (NH) until the gunfire started Link
So what if it's broad daylight and you're having lunch -- there's no safe place in Los Angeles Link
Nearly 150 shots were fired into a North Carolina home killing a three-year-old boy and injuring a four-year-old girl Link
Cold-blooded ambush in Queens (Video) Link
The Absolute State of Oregon Link
Fame & money don't prevent former Celtic, Paul Pierce, from disrespecting casino worker Link
Multiple people shot outside an Atlanta club that was hosting a "Black Pride" event Link
The Satanic Temple is offering to perform its "Satanic Abortion Ritual" for anyone angry with Texas's new law Link
Woman starts fight in restaurant -- the other woman ends it -- with pepper spray! Link
Would you like an ass-whipping with those waffles? Link
Two Lorain (OH) police officers wounded by gunfire from a vehicle that pulled up next to theirs Link
In NYC a protester at the Mike Rosado protest doused an occupied police van with gasoline Link
Travell Miller's last act before dying in an ambush as he drove his 7-year-old daughter to school was shielding her from gunfire and possibly saving her life Link
17-Year-old charged with murder after gunning down 70-year-old grandmother Link
I suppose if you will have sex with anything, you might as well advertise Link
Progressive Seattle! Link
It is so bad in Chicago that people are now moving out of the city Link
Customer pees on counter at Dairy Queen after being told to wear a mask Link
DC police are looking for a gang who have kidnapped six people at gunpoint in the last four days Link
Two men were beaten for four minutes and robbed of everything in the middle of State Street, Chicago Link
Carjacking goes wrong and the carjacker gets run over Link
Jerk, who was kicked off flight, makes every passenger deplane Link
Georgia man stole a mortuary van and as police gave chase a corpse on a gurney fell out and onto a parking lot Link
Shocking! A tourist was brutally murdered while protecting his baby in Miami Beach restaurant Link
This why there is a 2nd Amendment Link
72-Year-old man severely beaten for waving at a baby Link
This maniac would be "black history" if he were anywhere other than NY City -- NYC doesn't imprison the poor victims of the white power system Link
Portland has evolved into a lawless hell hole because of its Marxist "social justice" bullshit Link
It’s football season again in Pittsburgh Link
Progressives, shopping! Link
70-year-old great-grandmoth was ambushed and shot dead by two scumbags while waiting for her work to open Link
Chicago police hunt serial hammerer -- mayor calls for the registration of hammers Link
Creep gropes woman in Brooklyn -- then pummels her when she tries to defend herself Link
A 51-year-old man was brutally attacked by a lunatic with a hatchet at a Manhattan ATM (video) Link
Chicago may have more shootings, but New York has much better video Link
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