they define themselves

It's 3 AM and 'm guessing the bars just closed -- five found wounded when the dust settled Link
NYC burglar, arrested 19 times, has been arrested for rubbing his genitals on 10-year-old girl's feet while she slept Link
Unidentified life forms rally to allow a person with a penis -- formerly known as a man -- to be nude around women and girls Link
Armed men rob 14 people in less than an hour in downtown Chicago Link
California is so screwed -- this is once beautiful Venice Beach, a place where you could take your family Link
Teen arrested after Snapchat video shows her stealing necklace from dead man Link
58-Yearold Asian woman dragged down NYC subway stairs dies after brain surgery Link
No respect! Thieves struck the wine company founded by Gov. Gavin Newsom for the 4th time this year Link
You can dress 'em up, but . . . Link
Predator assaults and then robs a 68-year-old man in Brooklyn during a brazen attack in broad daylight Link
Leftists try to stop police from evicting squatters who'd been boarded into a vacant retail property that they’ve claimed as a "community space" Link
Ambulance jacked with EMT and patient in back after maniac fired shots at the ambulance driver Link
Just another sunny, summer day in the Big Apple! Link
Private property? What's that? Link
In San Francisco, you're not even safe in your own driveway Link
When the retailers close urban outlets because of this, we'll be hearing about the corporate racism Link
Can't we all just get along? Link
58-Year-old Asian woman undergoes brain surgery after brute drags her down NYC subway stairs Link
Politicians will make dozens of speeches about the gun -- not one will even mention the shooter Link
Car thief smooths all over town in stolen Benz until the owner goes all cavewoman on him Link
When Biden insists white supremacy is the most dangerous thing facing America, he's lying Link
Child is kidnapped right off the street in broad daylight 2 blocks from NY police station Link
Two women were attacked and carjacked in the Democrat hell hole of the San Francisco in broad daylight Link
Not everybody is ready for equality in the 21st Century Link
This guy was out of jail on 3 different bonds Link
Lightning destroyed the George Floyd mural in Toledo -- was it a messsage, a warning? Link
Indian Red boy disrespected Nipsey some days ago so someone shot Indian Red boy live on the Internet Link
Wild, wild, midwest as 21-year-old shoots his neighbors, then shoots at the cops, then flees, then shoots at the cops some more... Link
A robber smashed a car window, climbed into the vehicle and robbed a female driver who was stuck in traffic in broad daylight Link
"Mommy! Mommy! I don't want you to go to jail" Link
Bet your bottom dollar you'll have some fun in Chicago, Chicago Link
It's Neiman-Marcus's turn to experience a little "social justice" Link
Things get busy in the community Link
Chicago’s bloody 4th of July -- 92 shot --16 fatally -- 6 children are wounded Link
Vote Democrat -- you too can live in a 3rd world shithole Link
Just another beautiful, sunny day at the beach and then an attack Link
Chicago is bracing for record bloodshed over the long 4th of July weekend Link
San Francisco retailers are closing down or closing early because if the rampant shoplifting Link
Al Capone had nothing on these gang-bangers Link
This never would have happened in Giuliani's New York Link
They say there's always bullets in the air . . . . on Broadway! Link
More violence at Popeye's, but this time with cricket bats Link
NBC News crew robbed at gun point in broad daylight while interviewing Oakland’s Department of Violence Prevention Chief on the steps of City Hall Link
I'm strong to the finish 'cause I eats me spinach . . . Link
Walmart chick fight -- one dead, three wounded Link
Contrary to UT Nursing, the employees of any McDonalds will tell you that black people know all about mental illness Link
Just another sunny Sunday afternoon in Chicago Link
Woman shoots two at Burger King in a dispute over a spicy chicken sandwich Link
This is the natural result of progressive Democratic policies -- and it's going to get worse Link
LPGA cites "safety" for tournament move but it's really the bums and dopers squatting on the golf club's parking lot Link
A million laws and a billion cops can't stop this Link
There is a segment of Americans who do not recognize the authority of the police Link
Just another day in the Big Apple Link
You mean skipping out on the bill and abducting and battering the waitress isn't OK? Link
In Chicago, a Puerto Rican couple was pulled from their car and shot Link
Guy murders his girlfriend then tries to sell her car with her corpse in the back seat Link
Juneteenth was supposed to be a celebration, not a riot Link
This is as bad as it gets! Link
What kind of slug batters an 82-year-old man? Link
Not all Asians are going to take your crap Link
I've heard of "run 'em down," but run 'em over? Link
Geraldo says San Francisco is "reaping what it sowed" as shoplifting surge forces business closures Link
Just another day at McDonalds -- and don't leave before the end Link
Unarmed security guard tries to reason with predators, so they shot him Link
Just another day in Baghdad by the Bay Link
How bad could it have been to comply? Link
Austin police say shooting was an "incident between two parties," newspaper won't publish description "perpetuating stereotypes, but eye-witnesses say he was a slim black male with dreadlocks Link
Our criminal justice system refuses to deter and punish even repeat juvenile gun felons who commit violent crimes with guns (See Austin shooting) Link
Dedicated to all the Progs that deny leftism has coarsened American society Link
An argument at a Glendale, Arizona, Burger King moved into the parking lot for the gunplay Link
The Walmart Chronicles Link
Savages! What else would you call these two? Link
Residents of ritzy Atlanta suburb push for separate police force as crime rages in "war zone" Link
A split-second shootout leaves three wounded Link
A Milwaukee woman has admitted to setting her sleeping husband on fire because she believed that he poisoned her chicken wings Link
Police are searching for a maniac who tried to rape a woman on a Midtown Manhattan sidewalk Link
Cops aren't even safe from these lowlifes Link
Amazon driver beats the hell out of a 67 year-old lady Link
The Left wants you to accept this as "normal" behavior Link
Another day, another airport brawl at Miami International (VIDEO) Link
Police Seek 350-Pound Brute Who Viciously Beat Woman at Gas Station (VIDEO) Link
The title of this one might get me banned from my own site (YouTube) Link
Two women slashed during Manhattan subway fight amid surge in violence Link
Police Seeking Information on Black Teen Who Lit Stranger’s Hair on Fire While Riding San Francisco Bus (VIDEO) Link
Violent Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Mob Looting Sneaker Shop, Target, Walgreens, CVS and More (VIDEOS) Link
Shoplifting Skyrockets In San Francisco, Forcing Retailers To Close Stores Link
WATCH: Chaos Breaks Out at Six Flags St. Louis Over Stolen Turkey Legs – At Least One Arrested Link
Miami-Dade Police Release Video of Three Gunmen in Mass Shooting That Killed Two, Wounded 21 in Attack Outside Rap Party Link
California beaches have been occupied by the dregs of society Link
Criminals -- unleashed (cartoon) Link
Seattle police shut down massive beach party amid fights, assaults, robberies and arrests Link
Mass shooting erupts at Miami-area concert, 2 dead and more than 20 wounded Link
Reporters are dodging bullets at the George Floyd Shrine Link
Another Massive Brawl Breaks Out at Miami International Airport (VIDEO) Link
Everton Brown got a hair across his ass, so he shot some folks and blew up the house! Link
A group of women decided to trade punches during Monday night White Sox-St. Louis Cardinals game Link
A Southwest Airlines flight attendant had two teeth knocked out by an unhinged passenger Link
Shooting Breaks Out at George Floyd Autonomous Zone on George Floyd Day Link
Illegal Alien with History of Lewd Exposure Arrested For Armed Home Invasion and Violent Rape of 82-Year-Old Florida Woman Link
St. Louis: Street Mob Does The Degenerate Dance All Over A Police Car (VIDEO) Link

It's easier to fool the masses
than to convince them
they are being fooled
~ Mark Twain

Those who can get you
to believe absurdities
can get you to
commit atrocities
~ Voltaire