terrorists r us

the paid and unpaid members of the Democratic Party's auxiliaries . . .

Tracy Stone-Manning, Biden’s controversial nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), is clearly insane Link
Antifa press agent goes looking for a fight and meets someone who is prepared for a fight Link
Antifa is only effective when it's 10-to-1 odds -- lately they've been taking a shellacking Link
Antifa-aligned scum delight in the murder of a Washington State sheriff's deputy Link
I gotta admit, I enjoy seeing Antifa get a taste of their own medicine. Link
If the Antifa morons are anti-fascist, why do they behave like Hitler's fascist Brown Shirts? Link
Screw these commies -- Americans have a legal right to "free passage" Link
Cuban has a message for Black Lives Matter --"You guys suck!" Link
Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management is/was an eco-terrorist Link
The ideological connection between Black Lives Matter and the Cuban communists Link
The Democrats don't like Antifa doing side-work, so they let the cops loose on them Link
Since the Democrats aren't using them at the moment, Antifa is picking up some side work Link
Black Lives Matter is supporting the communist Cuban regine, not the Cuban people Link
BLM leader, accused of sexually abusing 62 children, resumes his duties on Denver school board Link
Staying ready for the next time the Democrats need them, Antifa's thirst for real violence is escalating Link
In a world upside-down, white Antifa hooligans jeer black citizens' calls for police Link
7 Things to know about the "Rise of the Moors" militia group Link
Democrat and jihadii, Rep. Rashida Tlaib wants the U. S. to stop funding Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the Department of Homeland Security Link
Antifa has evolved into roving gangs that assault and rob American citizens on the street Link
The escalation continues Link
A pack of Antifa animals attacks Hispanic man Link
Antifa bitch kicks Korean in the crotch, gets hammered with water bottle Link
Stand down! Emergency canceled! Reports of "white supremacists" in error. Armed paramilitary are only black Muslim members of "Rise of the Moors" Link
The "Rise of the Moors" appears to be a bunch of black Muslim "sovereign citizen" hustlers that occupy people's homes Link
Seattle-area jihadii, running for city council, once hijacked and terrorized a bus full of children Link
This how you handle AntiFa Link
Homeland Security warns of domestic terror, violence and mass shootings over 4th of July -- admits they aren't aware of any threats Link
BLM terrorists kidnapped Minneapolis City Council member and held her until their demands were met Link
After looting Santa Monica, Black Lives Matter is suing the city, claiming it was too "harsh with protesters" Link
Hamas's representative to the US Congress says the US and Israel are the same as the Taliban Link
The Brits know how to deal with these leftists subversives Link
To avoid a riot, Portland police issued tweet to assure AntiFa that the person shot by cops was only a white male Link
Black Lives Matter militants, angry about an arrest, set fires outside the Rock Hill (NC) Police Department Link
Antifa are the Democrats' "white" terrorists and Black Lives Matter are the Democrats' "black" terrorists Link
Statistically, Black Lives Matter is responsible for FAR more black deaths than "white supremacists" Link
In Portland, AntiFa attacked Proud Boys voter registration; chaos ensued; police end the dance Link
Antifa lowlifes threaten to pee on the floors at a conservative conference at the Hyatt hotel in Denver Link
The entire Portland Riot Squad quit after grand jury indicted one of their officers for striking an Antifa rioter Link
One man's terrorist is another man's . . . Link
Is the January 6th "Insurrection" a big frame job? Link
$2 Billion in damage and 24 dead after AntiFa's and BLM's summer of "peaceful protests" -- so naturally, Team Biden declares war on white supremacists Link
Everywhere there are Democrats there are leftist encampments -- Austin's has its "enforcers" Link
95% of House Democrats are OK with Ilhan Omar's comparing the U.S. and Israel to terrorists Link
It's interesting the number of people defending this jihadii's actions Link
Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management is a former eco-terrorist given an immunity deal by the feds Link
This woman may be sitting in Congress, but she's 100% jihadii as far as I'm concerned Link
The National Guard's "slow response" to 1/6 blamed on leftist abuse for its quick response to BLM riots Link
Gang of thieves rob high-end stores in coordinated attack Link
Minnesota judge sympathizes with terrorist who burned a Minneapolis police station to the ground -- a "good person who made a terrible mistake" Link
The election is over and the Democratic Party doesn't need AntiFa anymore Link
Remember: BLM means burn, loot and murder Link
Flying glass cut a female patron when gay terrorists, staging a "Pride Riot," attacked a NY restaurant Link
Antifa attacked conservatives at a memorial for unarmed veteran shot dead on January 6th Link
“Ain’t nobody gonna be beggin for justice…Get ready for war…Bring your guns…your bombs…your rocket launchers!” Link
Dangerous overnight chaos: Minneapolis BLM violently looted Target, Walgreens, CVS and more Link
"Protesters" smash window at famed NYC eatery Carbone, injuring customer Link
Biden's Homeland Security has adopted a policy of instilling fear into the American population Link
Firing a gun for the first time had nothing to do with the pandemic. It was about civil disorder threatening my neighborhood Link
GOP Rep. Nancy Mace’s Home Vandalized With ‘No Gods, No Masters’ Antifa Messaging on Memorial Day (VIDEO) Link
“Black Power!” – New Black Panther Party Stages Armed “March For Reparations” in Tulsa, Oklahoma (VIDEO) Link
Feds Detained San Jose Mass Shooter in 2016 For Possessing Manifestos and Books on Terrorism, But Never Alerted Local Authorities Link
Investigative journalist Andy Ngo was reportedly assaulted again by members of the Antifa anarchist collective in Portland Link
One year ago Minneapolis' soy-boy mayor issued the order to police to evacuate the Third Precinct and leave the station to be overrun by AntiFa and burned to the ground Link
Texas cracks down on criminals who block roads, shine lasers at cops Link
Former Seattle Police Chief accuses the media of downplaying the BLM and AntiFa violence during riots Link
Portland's BLM and AntiFa Celebrated George Floyd Day By Rioting and Burning Link
British BLM Activist Shot in the Head Link

It's easier to fool the masses
than to convince them
they are being fooled
~ Mark Twain

Those who can get you
to believe absurdities
can get you to
commit atrocities
~ Voltaire