Useful Idiots

useful idiots

still carrying water for the failed messengers of socialism

For all the electric car aficionados Link
Satire is dead -- the Attorney General says it is "unlawful" for Texas to stop the bussing of illegal aliens within Texas Link
Based on its performance over the past six months, the Center for Disease Control's name has been changed -- it is now officially the Center for Disinformation and Confusion Link
Woke Olympics an epic failure Link
US Surgeon General reassures concerned Americans that the COVID-19 vaccines are useless Link
Dr. Anthony Fauci has been lying under oath and lying to the American people about his involvement with the Wuhan lab Link
Do you ever wonder why some things never make the news? Link
Twitter is just full of crap! Link
Delta, American, United Airlines are providing African migrants free flights to the U.S. -- clearly, the tens of thousands pouring across the border just aren't enough to overthrow the republic yet Link
CDC justified new mask guidelines based on vaccine study that failed its peer review Link
Richmond declares racism a public health crisis Link
James Golden comments on how woke athletes are killing the Olympics, and the American spirit Link
Meet your son's teacher Link
If you ever had any doubt about AOC being a socialist puppet that needed "handling" 24/7, this should straighten you out Link
PolitiFact fact-checkers deny claims that Biden and Harris distrusted COVID vaccine under Trump -- declare the story "false" -- you decide Link
Medical schools are now denying biological sex, professors are apologizing for saying "male" and "female" and students are policing teachers Link
NY Times reporter wants political rivals to be declared "enemies of the state," then deletes tweets Link
Where ARE the human rights groups? Link
Progressive think tank releases racial equity blueprint for federal government Link
Brookings Institute is upset because states are banning Critical Race Theory -- do they know CRT is an attack on the US Constitution? Link
A "counterterrorism" cabal of big U.S. tech companiest is sharing extremist (conservative) content aiming to crack down on white supremacists and far-right militias Link
If Jack and Zuckerbird can keep me off their platform, shouldn't I be able to ban them from my restaurant? I know Progs will say, "that's different," but it isn't Link
What is your favorite COVID insanity moment? Link
Why do we taxpayers have to pay for federal help to Baltimore when they voted to DEFUND the police (seems like a reasonable question?) Link
Carl Bernstein has been spending way too much time drinkin' with Cher Link
Cleveland Indians surrender to WOKE leftists Link
Moonshot, the contractor who the Pentagon is working with to investigate “extremism” in the military, considers web searches for “the truth about Black Lives Matter” to be a sign of white supremacy Link
It's a bad look for the most pampered, genetically gifted and elite people in the world to pose as victims Link
YouTube censored the Family Research Council for a video for "medical misinformation" -- the video was about parental rights, consent, and notification Link
If you type the word "COVID" or "vaccine" into Twitter search, Twitter replies with a link to the CDC Link
Fauci just might start thinking about a really, really good political lawyer -- enter Perkins Coie? Link
We would all be speaking German if this asshole was in command of III Corps in WW II Link
A "pothead, comedian, in his garage" made a ruckus -- and the Left went nuts! Link
Biden nominates a gun grabber's wet dream candidate as head of alcohol, tobacco and firearms Link
Is it really a "town hall" meeting when the only people in attendance are Biden staffers and CNN bootlickers? Link
Huffington Post celebrates the censoring of a U. S. president for attempting "to overthrow American democracy" Link
Masks for everyone over two -- forever! Link
Sports Illustrated features a transwhatever in bikini on cover Link
If I owned a restaurant, I can't decide on my own who gets to eat, how can Twitter decide who can tweet? Link
Marvel Comics has gone to the Dark Side Link
Ken Burns, a historian with one eye, has jumped on Team Biden's "misinformation" bandwagon Link
Dana Bash asks Biden's surgeon general if Fox News is killing people? Link
Outstanding! Writer Michael Wolff pillories Brian Stelter (to his face) and the media Link
The cooperation between the White House and Facebook is yielding strange results Link
Andrea Mitchell blames Trump for upsetting communist Cuba's applecart Link
The Left continues its campaign to make the normal, abnormal and the abnormal, normal. Link
The end of thee National Football League Link
Big tech companies are now default state actors. Link
When does this leftist crazy-talk stop being stupid and start being criminal? Link
"Consultant" facilitates implementing a Critical Theory-based history curriculum and hiding it from parents Link
Eco-lawyers want to establish "ecocide" on a par with genocide and war crimes. Link
“We can no longer rely on many of the larger health authorities to make an honest examination of the medical and scientific evidence" Link
The WOKE word for today is "ableist" Link
It's a start -- Google’s YouTube must pay a €100,000 fine for censoring a video Link
Hmmmm! Link
Why is YouTube censoring President Trump? What are they afraid of? Link
The disingenuous defenses of critical race theory Link
If it wasn't for the airports, CNN would have nobody watching except a few mothers Link
Google has been politically editing its results for years -- here's a glaring example Link
58% of American Voters see mainstream media as an "enemy of the People" -- 83% say "fake news" is a problem Link
If the Left had their way, these cops wouldn't have been there Link
OBEY! Link
This is how progressive moms train their children Link
"Condoms for Kids" -- fifth grade and up must maintain a condom availability program Link
Watch what they do. Ignore what they say. Link
The New York Times is puzzled why anyone would object to sex-education classes that included cartoon videos on masturbation for 1st graders Link
Facebook has banned anyone charged (not convicted) with participating in January 6 US Capitol riot Link
Vice News thread about the heroic journalists who survived Jan 6 and their battles with PTSD Link
Meet Facebook's censor -- this is a hoot! Link
150 people were shot to death in major cities this past weekend -- here's CNN's home page. Link
The Mark Zuckerberg flag video meme is outstanding Link
More than 5,000 WOKE teachers sign pledge to teach CRT "regardless of the law" Link
Secret liberal strategy meeting of Democratic media kingpins is happening this week Link
Taxpayer-funded NPR celebrates Independence Day by portraying the Declaration of Independence as racist Link
Marvel Comics makes Captain America say the American Dream "is a lie" Link
Our good, patriotic, tolerant, knowledgeable friends in the media are crapping all over everything real Americans hold dear Link
Even the uber-liberal Atlantic has problems with the NY Times' rewrite of American history Link
You gotta ask yourself, why is the Left so committed to starting a racial war? Link
Twitter will now censor anybody that is critical of the march of Marxism Link
USA Today tries to sell the "male athletes have no advantage over females" bullshit Link
The National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) worked with the U. N., Twitter, States and Non-profits to prevent free speech and impact the 2020 U. S. election Link
Clinton-appointed federal judge rules for Big Tech censorship of conservatives. Link
CNN propagandists don't like it when they're on the receiving end of the questions Link
During the 2020 election, a Twitter portal allowed governmental officials to flag and delete content they disliked for any reason Link
YouTube bans Judicial Watch video at request of California Secretary of State Link
A long and infuriating thread of leftist lies pushed by the Democratic media Link
Will Ikea sell a lot of LGBTQXYZ couches or is this just corporate feel-gooding? Link
Homosexual politics are affecting unit cohesion in the U. S. military Link
Only progressives trust the media -- 71% of American don't -- worst in the surveyed world Link
You can always trust "the science" Link
Ezra Klein believes Kamala is unable to handle the tasks assigned -- wants easier ones Link
Jake Tapper is in the crapper! Link
Scenario 1-- YouTube reinstated leftist "Right Wing Watch" and is "sorry for any inconvenience or frustration" Link
Scenario 2 -- Soundcloud has permanently suspended Andy Ngô’s podcast in the interest of "community security" Link
When the Left speaks of "our democracy," they are not speaking of the American republic Link
The shocking "White Privilege" and "Gender Equity" lesson plans used to indoctrinate your kids Link
Rep. Moe Brook lets CNN's Jima Acosta know exactly how he feels about the low-rated ex-news channel Link
The National Archives declared the Capital Rotunda, housing the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. an example of "structural racism" Link
Academic with no mirrors in his house contends white men have no redeeming qualities Link
Emails show Biden officials demanded Facebook censor Team Trump before the election Link

It's easier to fool the masses
than to convince them
they are being fooled
~ Mark Twain

Those who can get you
to believe absurdities
can get you to
commit atrocities
~ Voltaire